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Wedding Caterer: 5 Sure Tips to Hire The Best for Your Special Day

Planning what to serve on your wedding day might be a very daunting task. However, life will be a lot easier if you know the best catering companies in Utah. Event planning in Salt Lake City will be a breeze if you know the right professionals to tap on the day you tie the knot. 

While you can do all the planning and the organize the catering on your own, it will be very challenging when you have a guest list of a hundred or more. It can also be quite overwhelming planning what to serve your guests while thinking about the other details of your wedding. Also, you do not want your family and closest friends to miss parts of your wedding because they are too busy thinking about the soup, main course, or wine. 

Below are some useful tips on how you can find the best Catering Companies Utah and professional Event Planning Salt Lake City: 

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations

If you are about to exchange I dos with your bride or groom to be then most likely some of your friends have done or thinking of the same. Ask for their referrals and recommendations for a trusted wedding caterer in Utah. Once you have several names on your list, check them out online and see what other couples are saying about them. Based on the reviews you find or hear, trim down your list to about three then ask these caterers if you can contact some of their previous clients. 

Set a Budget

No matter what your budget is, you will find a caterer that will meet your needs and make you smile. Before meeting catering companies Utah, have a budget in mind. Consider everything from event planning Salt Lake City, to the tables, plates, chairs, and all the other details you need on your reception. Most wedding caterers will ask for a down payment, so before signing anything, make sure all things are ironed out. 

Coordinate with the Venue

Some wedding venues have a list of approved vendors. So keep in mind that choosing a venue must come first before choosing a wedding caterer. Often, they provide lists of events organizers or caterers they work with because of insurance purposes. They need to work with people that they can trust. There is also an advantage when you choose from their list since the caterer will be familiar on how to set up the venue. One downside however is that they are too familiar with the venue and cannot give you that extra magic you are looking for on your wedding day. 

Special Needs

Your event planning Salt Lake City provider will be your best friend during the wedding preparations. Coordinate with them about the smallest and simplest details you need for your wedding. Consider any allergies of guests, if there are vegetarians on your lists, if there will be guests with special needs among others. Do not forget to arrange for children's meals. 

Read the Contract Well

Before inking the deal, make sure to cover all the details you need to cover. Any gray areas should be discussed and clarified. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you have any special requests for the wedding caterer in Utah, then ask them as early as possible.

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5 Fun Things To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Everyone’s wedding is memorable, but some are more fun than others and a few unusual touches can help make your wedding be the one that everyone talks about for years to come.

1. For the ultimate quirky memento of the day, why not consider Photo Booth Hire? In most cases, the photo booth team set it all up and arrange everything on behalf of the couple. Props make for wonderful images to look back on later, a little different to the standard wedding shots, and in many cases the booth will print two copies of each image – one for the guest book, and one that the guests can take home to keep for themselves. Photo booths also help guests to relax – and the photos which appear later in the evening, once the alcohol starts flowing, could be great fun. 

2. If pets are a part of your family, why not incorporate them into your wedding day? Dogs can be ring bearers, cats pose for photographs – even other animals like horses or birds could be involved. For many people, their animals truly are an integral part of their day to day life and share their homes – why not let them have their moment in the wedding and celebrate the bond you share? Again, it makes for wonderful photographs!

3. Fun dining options also help to create unique memories. Don’t be pressured into traditional choices if those aren’t what you want at your wedding. Although the sit-down meal might be ideal in some venues, for others, more unusual choices work wonderfully. For example, an outdoor wedding with a boho chic vibe might have a hog roast or a barbecue meal, where enjoying the open air and sharing in more casual food would be a lovely touch. Or, indoors, an elaborate finger food buffet might facilitate mingling and conversation across the party rather than restricting guests to their tables. 

4. If you’re having an outdoor celebration or your venue has a garden area, think about garden games hire. Things like cricket or croquet are lots of fun for all ages, creating a little competitive spirit between the bridesmaids and the best man! All the guests will love time to play and enjoy themselves, but this is particularly fun if you have children attending your wedding – that is, if you can keep the adults away for long enough!

5. Try and surprise your guests in some way to make your wedding really memorable. For most people, the easiest way to do this is a fireworks display at the end of the evening. 

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Fall In Love with Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are return gifts given to the guests as token of thanks, for being a part of the most important and special moment of your life. Wedding favors are souvenir of the occasion, something that will serve as a reminder of your celebration. 

Wedding favors can be of different types and styles, vary on the couple’s budget, and can be based on the theme of wedding, season or time of the year etc. It is not necessary that the wedding favors you choose are expensive. What is more important is the memory the favor carries. Personalized favors are most popular, as it is easy to remember the event and all the memories associated to the event.

When picking the favor, the couple needs to choose something the guests would cherish and not be in a situation feeling guilty or bad about having to throw the gift out, as it is not useful to them. The best option is to choose something general that will prove useful to majority of the crowd. 
Favors can be made at home or purchased. With the boom in online shopping, there are many vendors who offer personalized, custom made wedding favors based on the needs of the couples. Sitting in one place, the couple can browse through variety of options available, customize it to their need and place the order. Online stores make the entire process less tiring and time saving.

Based on the couple’s choice, favors can be edible stuff like pies, candies, environment friendly gifts like plants or seed paper, a keepsake like bottle opener, wine stopper, tea diffuser or silverware that can have the couples’ name engraved on it. 

Another popular category of wedding favor is handmade personalized gifts like candles or soaps. These are the most popular of the lot. These can be made in different shapes and fragrances, at home or custom made and purchased in stores. 

Bath salts or Soap favors an idea that is irrefutable, cant fail. These are fool proof favors that can be used for any occasion. People can use these favors, and will not have to think about having to give it away or dispose it as it is useless to them. They can be easily modified and customized to fit your needs, match the theme of your wedding. Wedding soap favors would be gifts that your guests would love and look forward to take home with them, and also make them talk about your wedding.

Soap wedding favors are also one among the beautiful and elegant wedding favors. If purchased, getting them in shape and fragrances you desire can end up being quite expensive unless you find wedding soap favors at discounted prices. These beautiful and elegant favors can be got with lesser stress on your pocket, provided you have the time to spare. The ingredients required to make soap are easily available in the market.  The bride can use the ingredients and make soaps in the desired shapes and fragrances wrap it in wax paper and tie it together using a decorative ribbon.

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The Order of the Garter and Wedding Traditions

When we decide that we are going to get married one of the first things we consider is how to fulfill the requirements of the rhyme, ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,’  If you are really savvy you can combine some of the requirements together and borrow something old and blue.

The Garter

It is amazing how this tiny piece of lingeri has so much significance even today.  For some reason we still find the concept of showing the garter we wear under our gown cheeky and risqué.  I remember feeling excited at the prospect of having a blue laced trimmed garter because it ticked off the, ‘new’ and ‘blue’ bit of the rhyme - now I feel quite ambivalent towards my garter and don’t even know where it is.  We know that the garter is steeped in tradition and assume that this is only in relation to weddings, when in fact the history of the garter originated elsewhere.

The Order of the Garter

Or its full title, ‘The Noble Order of the Garter’, was founded in 1348 and considered one of the highest forms of chivalry and a prestigious honour second only to the Victoria Cross and George Cross.  The members are a very select and restricted to chosen members of the Royal Family, knights, ladies and foreign monarchs.  In fact it didn’t have anything to do with lingeri at all!

The Countess of Salisbury

Apparently her loose garter was responsible for the origin of the motto, Honi soit qui mal y pense’, which means, “shame upon him who thinks evil upon it" which is embroidered on the garter with gold lettering. She was dancing near King Edward III, when her garter slipped off her leg and could be seen by the rest of the guests.  The crowd sniggered and found the episode highly amusing except for the king who retrieved the garter and tied it to his own leg uttering the motto still used today.

The Garter as Lingeri

Maybe because the garter held such regal significance and was worn by such a select group made it open to different interpretations.  There is nothing more risqué than sexing something up that is considered sacred by a powerful group of people.  The sheer excitement of make a garter an erotic object gives the wearer pleasure.  Lingeri companies produce beautiful garters and market them in relation to their wedding collections.  Luckily wearing a lacy garter on your wedding day will not get you into serious trouble – well until after the night do any way!
The garter featured in this article is available from where you will be able to choose from a wide variety of wedding lingeri.

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Blowing Rock Wedding Venues | Blowing Rock Real Estate

Something Borrowed, Something Blue…Ridge: Blowing Rock Wedding Venues

For couples interested in having a rustic wedding, Blowing Rock NC offers varied venues with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here are some of the best places to have your special day in and around Blowing Rock.

Green Park Inn is a historical location with modern touches. Founded in 1891 and fully renovated in 2010, half of the hotel’s rooms hold their classic charm, and the other half have been redone. With classic touches like turndown service and a full hot breakfast served in their tea room, it’s a great place for your friends and family to stay. You can have your rehearsal dinner at the hotel’s Chestnut Grille, a gourmet southern restaurant, or make the wedding a more intimate affair in the tea or laurel rooms.  With a great deal for couples, whether it’s the high season or during the week, it’s also a beautiful location for your honeymoon.

The Chetola Resort at Blowing Rock is a larger destination if you’re holding your wedding in Blowing Rock. With three ceremony locations that vary from a whimsical willow tree, to an intimate gazebo, to the statuesque estate house and gorgeous indoor and outdoor reception facilities, this hotel is one of the premiere places in Blowing Rock to have your special day. You can also hold a block of rooms for guests so travel to and from their lodging to the wedding is simple. 

Camp Sky Ranch is a rustic retreat location for weddings that features an outdoor chapel and in-house catering from local “modern mountain cuisine” restaurant, The Gamekeeper. With summer cabins and a large event hall, this location is a gorgeous getaway for outdoorsy couples planning a mountain wedding.

The Crestwood Resort and Spa, located between Blowing Rock and Boone NC, balances the beauty of the high country with pampering touches like spa treatments and classic inn rooms, villas and cottages. The Crestwood Resort and Spa has both lawn and terrace locations for ceremonies, as well as reception venues that include the dining area, library, bar and lounge, creating a classic location for your wedding nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Because the high country is such a wonderful place to get married in, many couples are also relocating to the Blowing Rock area. One of the best expanses of Blowing Rock realty is the Blue Ridge Mountain Club, a 2600 acre spread of land between Blowing Rock, Boone, Linville and Banner Elk. With turnkey cottages, mountain homes, their own trails and streams for outdoor activities and an open air gazebo and member pavilion that also functions as a great wedding location for BRMC members, the community is a great option for young couples growing their families. Check out more on Blowing Rock real estate here.

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Three Reasons Why a Wedding DJ Can Make Your Reception Unforgettable

For many people, there are few days more exciting than their wedding day. But, as you can imagine, it takes a lot of time, stress, planning and money to get to the big day, sometimes even years of planning. There are so many small details that go into planning a wedding that you don't even consider when first getting started like place settings, flowers, and cake toppers. One of the biggest decisions a couple has to make when planning their wedding is what kind of entertainment they would like at the reception. In general, there are two main choices, a DJ or a live band. Both have there benefits, but many people will end up going with a DJ because a wedding DJ will give the couple so many different options for music and entertainment at the reception. Dancing For those couples who love nothing more than getting out on the dance floor, a DJ is going to be a popular option. From Florida to Illinois wedding DJ will be able to keep everyone up and dancing all night with a mix of music. With a wedding DJ, you will be able to request exactly what music is going to be played, and have a list of approved songs. This way you can be sure the music will be right to your liking with no surprises that keeps the crowd up dancing all night. 


DJ's are trained to get the crowd going in a fun and professional way. Many couples love playing games and doing little fun events during the reception to get the weddings gets excited and having fun. A DJ is going to know exactly what to say and do to ensure the crowd is going to be having a great time at the wedding. The couple can sit down with the DJ beforehand to plan out little games and events and schedule what time they should happen, the DJ will take care of the rest. 


No matter where you go across the country, DJs have professional equipment, which end up making a big difference at the wedding reception. The best Wedding DJ Chicago or Boston residents use will have a full set up that will be able to fit the size and dimensions of you venue. The DJ will be able to adjust his equipment accordingly, regardless of the size of your venue. This way for a small venue the music won't be overpowering, and for a large venue the DJ will make sure everyone can hear the music.
With everything else a couple needs to think about when planning a wedding, figuring out the entertainment is going to be a big decision. That's why considering a DJ when choosing the reception entertainment could be a great option for your needs, especially if you are a couple that loves getting out on the dance floor and having a lot of participation with your guests on the big day. Whatever you choose, remember the most important thing is to have fun! 

Author Bio.: For more information on finding the best Wedding DJ Chicago area residents use or the very best Illinois wedding DJ for your event, please visit

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DIY Wedding Flowers

Make it a DIY WeddingWhen it comes to your wedding day, every corner you turn adds up to another expense.  To save a little cash here and there, why not make it a DIY wedding?  You can do many of the things for your wedding, which also makes it more personal and memorable.  A DIY wedding has become more popular in recent years because it is so much more personal.  By actually doing a lot of the work yourself, it makes it a much more memorable experience for all involved.  Brides are doing everything from their invitations to their wedding favors to their decor.  

One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding is the flowers.  It can add up quickly considering you need bouquets, boutonnieres, decorations, and centerpieces.Why not have DIY wedding flowers?  It does not have to be an overwhelming task, and you can enlist help from your friends and family.  Experiment with some of these ideas and tips and see what works for you.  

Bouquets are generally easier than the floral arrangements used for centerpieces and decorations.  Start with the bouquets and move on to the arrangements later.DIY flowers are cheaper than hiring a florist, but still not super cheap.  You can find great deals though, depending on the season.  Even grocery stores stock some pretty beautiful flowers almost year round.  Do not be afraid of grocery store flowers!  They can save you in a pinch.If you are not flexible, the DIY wedding flowers may not be for you. 

 You need to me able to improvise in case things do not work like you envisioned.  You can still make it special and beautiful, plus you get to make things with those who mean the most to you.Buy some extra flowers, especially if you find a good deal.  You never know when you will need them on the hectic day of your wedding, and they can be a life-saver.If you chose to have DIY flower centerpieces, it is easiest to make them simple.  Use clear vases you have already or invest in a few.  You can even use other cheap containers you have laying around, like tin buckets for a country wedding.  Be creative!  You can look for online tutorials if you need help with the arranging.  This can be the most difficult part of doing it yourself.It is best to get all of the flowers done the day before your wedding.  If you have many people to help and you trust them, they can work the morning of the wedding on the flowers.  Transporting the flowers can present some challenges, but it is nothing that some floral foam can’t fix.Remember to focus on the important parts of your day and not stress about the little details. 

 A DIY wedding is supposed to save you money, but also make it a more hands-on experience.  People will not notice if the purple flowers do not match the purple bridesmaid’s shoes.DIY wedding flowers do not have to be difficult, in fact they should be fun.  Think of the colors, the arrangements, and the possibilities.  So grab some flowers, get some floral tape and pins, some ribbon, and some willing helpers and whip those flowers into shape.

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The Meaning of a Unity Candle

The best wedding ceremonies mix tradition with originality. The ceremony should feel like “you”, but it should also feel like a wedding ceremony - you don’t want it to be so unique that it is unrecognizable. One traditional aspect of a wedding ceremony not to be missed is the lighting of the unity candle. You can purchase these YumYum Weddings when you're ready to plan your ceremony.

How to use it
Whether you are allowed to perform this ritual during the wedding ceremony itself, will depend upon the rules of your Church. Some Churches prohibit the use of candles, as a way round this, many couples choose to perform this ceremony at the wedding breakfast instead.

The unity candle sits unlit in the middle of two smaller burning candles. The two smaller candles represent the bride and the groom as individual entities before the marriage. The bride and groom take their respective candles and, in unison, light the bigger candle. This represents the joining together of two hearts, souls and minds. It is an incredibly emotive and beautiful tradition that really highlights the commitment you are making.

Biblical origin
This beautiful custom symbolizes the joining of two individuals, and the promise to act as one under God. The exact origins of the unity candle ceremony are unknown, but the custom became popular in American weddings over 40 years ago. The ceremony varies between cultures. The custom represents the couple’s submission to God’s will, and the joining of the bride and groom in an eternal bond.

Make it your own
It is up to you whether to leave the individual candles lit or not. Some couples choose to blow out the individual candles to represent the ending of two single lives, whereas other couples prefer to leave them lit as recognition that each person still has their own identity, although they are now joined in marriage.

There are many ways to customize this symbolic tradition:
* You can use personalized candles in your wedding colors.
* You can have a reading during the tradition, to highlight the importance of what you are doing.
* You can have all members of the wedding party involved, as a way of showcasing their approval of your marriage.

There are lots of things you can do to tailor the lighting of the unity candle, so get creative and make sure it represents you as a couple, and as God’s servants. If done right, this romantic custom will guarantee there’s not a dry eye in the house - so make sure you’re wearing waterproof mascara!

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The Five Almonds

The Wedding Industries Top Planner's & Caterer's Are Embracing A Major Industry Wide "Social Good" Platform Announced By Luxury Candy Visionary "Les Cinq Amandes" at the New York International Bridal Week Show In NYC.

The Idea Dazzles with its Confections and Mastery of True Gift-Giving & Has Partnered
Miss America 2008, Philanthropist & Newlywed Kirsten Haglund. On Monday, October 14, She Makes A Celebrity Appearance To Launch The Campaign As She Joins with The Five Almonds.

Announcing A Meaningful “Inner Beauty” Wedding Initiative through the Creation and Presentation of Beautiful Wedding Themes that also Raise Funds for Girls in Need Through Scholarship

Dragées, Chocolates, Inner Beauty and Beyond . . . Rediscover the Art of Delicious Wedding Traditions Built on The Spirit of Good Wishes

Dazzle Your Wedding Clients With A Meaningful Offering ~

Follow us as we create the way forward @thefivealmonds @kirstenhaglund @barnyardgroup

For moreinfo please see:  The Art of the Almond:  or visit

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Entertain your guest in style : Live music is the key

When it comes to choosing a  band to perform on your special day, you will need to shop around. You have a variety of genres to choose from, whether you want a jazz band or one that performs pop music. Whatever the case, you want a live band that is both entertaining and affordable.

So where do you begin when you’re trying to find the right one? Regardless of where you live, you will be able to find a good one that meets your needs and entertain guests. 

Finding the right band

If finances are an issue, you will need to look carefully to find the right wedding band that is both affordable and entertaining. You can find an elaborate and entertaining band that performs at local night clubs. Oftentimes, you can find high school bands that will perform for a lower cost than professional bands. You may be taking a leap here, but you will save money. And you will have extra money that can be put toward a more elaborate honeymoon. 

The right style

If you are hiring a band to play at your wedding, you want to make sure you hire a band that is dressed to play the part. Find a band that wears matching attire. For example, you could hire a band that dresses in black and white. You may want to choose a band where the male members wear a combination of black and white. Avoid bands that dress in primarily white clothing. This takes attention away from the bride, which is a huge no no in the wedding arena. A  good live band should conform to your taste. If you want them to fit your wedding theme, you could suggest the type of attire they wear.
Most musical providers at weddings are willing to work with you to make sure your special day is as happy as possible. 

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Tips for songs

Remember it’s you hiring so you want them to play the songs you want. Sit down with the band ahead of time, and make sure they know what songs you want them to play. 


You have a number of things to think about. Picking the right band, of course, is tantamount. But making sure they fit your theme is just as important.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Your wedding flowers – making your special day even more special

Planning for the most important day in your life is not the easiest thing in the world. There is so much to consider – the timing, the venue, the guest list, the dress, the wedding ring, the photographer and the flowers. Of these, the hardest to get right and yet probably among the most important is the flowers. Apart from the wedding dress, it is the flowers that have the biggest visual impact and leave the longest impression.   When deciding on the flowers for your wedding, you need to consider several points.

1. Budget. Flowers can be very expensive so you have to set a budget. This will normally be around 10% of the cost of the wedding. To keep costs down, you can choose flowers that are in season or more common species. Remember, though, that more expensive flowers, like peonies, are often larger and therefore go further than less expensive small blooms like carnations. But, whatever you do, make sure that the bridal bouquet is exactly what you want – it is after all your day – and design the rest of the flowers around it.

2. Florist.  Florists are experts at selecting and designing flower arrangements for all occasions. To make sure you find a good florist it is best to ask around and visit a number of florists to see what they have done in the past. Once you have found a florist that you feel comfortable with, then you can discuss your ideas and get their opinion. Make sure that you take a picture of the wedding dress so that they can come up with a colour and design for the bridal bouquet from which the rest of the flower arrangements – centre pieces, buttonholes, corsages and bridesmaids bouquets – will derive. And don’t forget to let your florist know your budget. If you have some extra cash, you might consider hiring a floral designer for a more imaginative approach to your wedding flowers.

3. Theme. You can probably think of as many themes as there are varieties of flowers to suit them. A modern trend is a rustic look employing local wildflowers. These can be arranged in stunning colours and can be as simple or complex as you wish. For the best effect and for the biggest choice of flowers, a rustic theme should be used for a springtime outdoor wedding. At the other end of the scale, you might prefer a little more glitz. Strong colours in the bouquet will make a bold statement that can be enhanced by the addition of a few jewels to your bouquets. Pearl-tipped pins look stunning set in deep red flowers while a simple jewelled brooch on the bouquet wrap will add just the right amount of glamour and could be the perfect match for the stone in the engagement ring or the wedding ring.

Flowers are crucial to the perfect wedding. Your flowers, and especially your bouquet, must be right for you. Take the advice of family and friends and your florist, but remember that your wedding is your day and your opinion is the one that counts.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Ideas for Your Dream Wedding

In order to create a dream wedding, there are a few simple things that a couple can plan and delegate to guarantee their wedding day really is a dream come true for themselves and their guests. Wedding memories include everyone, and a few small personal touches and considerations make a huge difference. 

In a dream wedding, the bride must enjoy the entire experience. On this day, especially, she needs self-confidence. Granted, an expensive wedding gown, fancy hairstyle, and decorative fingernails can enhance a woman’s feeling of self-worth but grace gained by comfort, style, and self-assurance is priceless. Therefore, the bride should choose a dress or gown that she feels comfortable and beautiful in and the same goes for her shoes. If she feels awkward wearing heels, she should forgo them. Sequins, beads, and bows can adorn any gown or pair of shoes. She can now become that vision of loveliness walking gracefully on air, glowing with inner radiance.

The wedding day will run smoother when the planner considers where the bride and her attendants will prepare themselves. Frequently the bride and her entourage prepare within the same room. A photographer is also often within the room taking snapshots of the preparation process. Decent lighting in this room is essential to make the shots look good. Eight or more women primping and adorning themselves in fancy dresses will need more than one mirror and ample space in order for the process to go smoothly. 

Keep the photographer in mind when choosing a location for the wedding. If the wedding is indoors, the photographer needs to access the locations lighting, seating, and alter arrangements. Great shots require making them physically possible. Outdoor weddings usually have better light and ample room for maneuvering photographers. 

Memorabilia for the guests can consist of things such as hand painted rocks bearing their names as place settings and having the silverware wrapped within napkins wound together by little bouquets of fragrant herbal sprigs. Placing the wedding couple’s engagement photo on the back of a deck of playing cards makes an inexpensive gift. Miniature containers of local honey with decorative labels and an original saying will sweeten up the tabletops. Decorate the restrooms with flowers and little fancy soaps. Arrange framed engagement posters in places that the guests can sign.

Music should be personal and yet also encompass the tastes of all the generations present, especially at the reception. In order to include everyone possible, why not delegate someone as a dance instructor. The guests, along with the bride and groom can take a few wedding dance lessons. Try a few different cultural wedding dances. The memories made will last a lifetime. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ProFlowers Coupons

ProFlowers Incorporated is simply the largest company that directly grows a flower in the United States, furthermore, the first retailer to offer its service of a seven-day freshness guarantee! It greatly involves itself in supply chain compression which is a solution in the floral business or industry. Thereby, the company believed that customers are satisfied once they are offered with the ever-growing variety of affordable, fresh plants and flowers for any month or season. ProFlowers Incorporated truly made its presence a note to keep with its extended shipping capabilities for thirty countries.

Going on the company profile, it is actually a private company that falls under the “Seeds, Flower: Growing Of”. Records have shown that it has been established in the state of Florida, having only five to nine employees as the business started to operate. Today, ProFlowers Corporate Office Headquarters is in 4840 Eastgate Mall San Diego, California 92121 so anyone can personally visit the company for bulk orders.

ProFlowers is not only considered a major retailer of flowers in the U.S, but a reputable e-commerce company responsible for  the shipment of products from growers, distribution facilities and suppliers to consumers. It has been a part of Provide Commerce, a larger entity which in turn became a part of the Liberty Media.

History can tell that ProFlowers was formerly named as “Provide Commerce”, with Jared Polis as the founder of the company in 1998. It started as a subsidiary type of business in a retail industry with flowers as its main products. Later on, the business boomed as it became a company from its mother company, Liberty Media.

In February 2006, the Liberty Media Corporation decided to purchase Provide Commerce, Inc, amounting to $477 million and at that point Provide Commerce has solely been owned as a subsidiary to Liberty Media. Since then, Provide Commerce primarily offers sweets, fruit and gift baskets directly going from the supplier down into the Gourmet Business Unit, which includes several brands Secret Spoon, Cherry Moon Farms and Shari’s Berries. Due to its dependable service, it acquired a seller of gifts which is called as RedEnvelope.

In 2007, it was also selected as one among the Best Places to Work in California, during the Sponsorship of Employers Group.

How to Use ProFlowers Coupon Codes

ProFlowers primarily extends its online service to local flower shops so that customers can send anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day flowers instantly. ProFlowers printable coupons entail you of saving more money in every purchase of botanical plants or flower products. You should also understand that the store is not only up to bouquets, flowers and arrangements, but it particularly sells plants. Nearly participate in the celebrated “Flower of the Month Club”, where you’ll be entitled to receive flowers for every three, six or twelve months! This would surely be an exciting month for someone like you who’s more devoted to flowers.

So once you make use of ProFlowers printable coupons, purchase any flower of plant-related item at its discounted price. The company sells almost all kinds of flowers including roses, lilies, iris, tulips and daisies. Carnations and wreaths are also added that you can purchase right from the website or by just calling their official phone number.

ProFlowers makes it even more possible for customers to send flowers to other city, town, state or country as well. The company is responsible enough to commit to its customers by offering a large selection of plants and flowers on several occasions. Delivery options have been made flexible and possible while they are being offered by the company.

Buy more and save money by using ProFlowers discount codes! If you want, stop on a shop in as here it’s more ideal to use ProFlowers coupons to get free shipping deals and save more money! All your purchases won’t be a big deal as they can be purchased on great discounts. Proflowers has linked with, in order that donations can be generated on its designated cause or to the charitable organization.

Some ProFlowers coupons have coupon codes, so do not forget to enter the code to instantly receive the discount! The company really works hard to be sure that customers like you can get the best out of using ProFlowers coupons and ProFlowers printable codes available on internet sites. The company has been very thankful with support from customers, so please spread the word!

A Review of ProFlowers

Several decades have passed, ProFlowers as an American company provides a wide selection of exclusively botanical and garden plants like Super steak tomatoes, potatoes, Butterfly Flower Garden, Hanging strawberry, Giant Walla Mammoth Onions and Big Bertha Berlin peppers; with a vast choices of flowers:  Larkspur, Zinnias, Marigolds, Poppies, Cosmos, Cornflowers and Sunflower and many more! Even so, ProFlowers completely offers a line of trees, yard plants, shrubs and so and so forth!  In addition to the ever increasingly selection that the company has, it still offers fruit and fruit baskets plus gourmet products including cookies, cake pops and many more!

As a result, ProFlowers has truly become one of the best and popular companies to people who are concentrating in their hobby of gardening. It’s also considerably known to many as the fastest growing company that specializes in a vast range of plants and yard plants. Just make use of ProFlowers coupon coeds so that more can be saved on floral or holiday bouquets and special gifts!

These are some of the positives that anyone can pinpoint from the company, but more importantly, the company is becoming more famous because of its giveaways and freebies! ProFlowers is powerfully loaded with ProFlowers printable coupons, ProFlowers Printable codes, ProFlowers discount codes that can help in order that a customer can likely save his money for other expenses. So instead of spending a certain amount of money in a particular flower, rather use it on buying chocolates for your loved one!

So far, ProFlowers is more than willing to give its excellent service to any interested customer. This is the reason why there’s no complaint that can even be heard from customers. Until now, they try harder in order to satisfy the level of expectation of mostly all customers!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I have a friend who is getting married in Australia (yes to an Australian) next year which prompted me to write this post. She has hired Veri Wedding Photography as her wedding photographer. So I was checking out their site and I just love this photo below.

Their website advertises them as an an award-winning photographer with sensitivity and spirit. Veri Wedding Photography is a specialist wedding, fashion and event photography business based in Melbourne. If you’re looking for an experienced photographer to tell your story with heart, insight and style, then look no further. Their progressive approach to photography sets us apart. We push boundaries. Challenge comfort zones. And strive to tell a unique, inspiring story with every new image. Wedding photography is their specialty and they travel anywhere throughout Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas as your chosen wedding photographer. They believe in spontaneity - but take no risks. It’s no secret that life’s most magical moments are those that are unexpected. That’s why we aim to produce candid, unposed images that evoke the special mood and unique subtleties of your big day. Less is not more… when it comes to wedding photography. We believe you deserve an abundance of photos to assess and choose from. With Veri Wedding Photography, you can expect to receive at least 100 photos for every hour we are retained. We won’t miss a thing. Every special moment will be captured, often from a range of angles. They capture the hidden stories. Your wedding day will be nothing short of overwhelming. You’ll be on the go, non-stop. That’s why you need a photographer you can rely on to record as many moments as possible. A good wedding photographer will enable you to reflect back and relive your day. But an excellent wedding photographer will also open a window into the stories you missed. At Veri Wedding Photography, they capture those special moments going on around you - the ones you were simply too busy to notice.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Peony Flower Of The Season

We cut the first peony flower of the 2013 season today!  Isn't it a beauty!   This is a nice large, very full and very nice pink colored peony.   

We cut 3 peonies just like this on today. If this peony season is like ones of the past then tomorrow that number of flowers we cut will double or triple, and the next day the same thing will happen. Then on about the 4th or 5th day the peonies will start popping faster than we can cut them.   We are expecting that the peonies will be in full bloom by the beginning of next week.

If you are within driving distance of the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and would like to attend our peony open house on Saturday June 8 please read about it here 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wedding Decorations

When your guests arrive at your wedding venue on your very special day, you will want them to be impressed by the lovely details of your decor. It is the decor on the wedding venue that can really make the difference between an average wedding and a truly unforgettable event that impresses your guests.
When you are choosing wedding decorations, what are the considerations that you should keep in mind? Here is a list of some factors that you should consider in choosing the right decor for your wedding.

The Wedding Theme
Many weddings are decorated around a specific theme chosen by the couple that reflects their tastes and interests. For example, a nature-loving couple could have a rustic outdoor themed wedding decor with centrepieces made of flowers and wood. A couple who travel a lot together could have an “Around the World” themed wedding with maps on the walls and photos of themselves in exotic locations on display. Choosing a theme will help you select the right decorations for your special event.

The Location
Remember that when you choose where these wedding decorations will be on display, they should fit perfectly in one area of the venue but could look very out of place in another. Before you start choosing the decorations for your wedding, take some photos of the wedding venue, which you will use as a reference. Take these photos with you when shopping for decorations so that you can imagine how the decor will look at your wedding venue.

The Budget

Of course, it is also important to think about the budget for your wedding decorations. Realistically, how much can you afford for your decorations? To spend your decoration budget wisely, decide which piece will be the most important element of the design. For example, you might choose to invest most of the budget on the centrepiece that you really love and spend less on chair covers or flower arrangements.

Family Traditions
When it comes to wedding decor, another aspect to consider is the family tradition. What elements of the wedding décor can you include that will reflect the traditions of your family and your culture? These tiny finishing touches will certainly impress your guests and add more meaning and significance to your wedding decorations.

Let the Professionals Choose Your Wedding Décor

Choosing decorations for your wedding can be a lot of work. Save yourself the hassle and leave the job to the professionals to ensure that your wedding decor looks beautiful and elegant. One Heart Wedding is a professional wedding planning company in Hong Kong that will listen to your descriptions of your dream wedding and assist you with all your decoration needs.

One Heart Wedding has a team of professional designers, with extensive experience in putting together customised wedding decoration Hong Kong tailored according to the taste of each unique couple. One Heart Wedding will assist with you all the aspects of your wedding, including creating a logo, designing invitations and decorating a stunning venue with flowers, lighting, wedding decoration HK, and more.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bridgewater Gardens Peonies Open House in Saline Michigan

We are anxioiusly awaiting the peonies flowers to bloom and expect them to start blooming sometime during the first week of June.   For the past few peony seasons it seems like every weekend we would have customers who just wanted to come over and see the peonies and purchase some cut flowers.  Each year this group seemed to get larger so this year we thought we would host an open house and invite all of our Michigan based customers to join us.

Please join us for our first peonies open house, Saturday June 8 from 12 noon - 4pm.  Please note this event is weather permitting. Be sure to check back here for updates or contact us ahead if there are any questions.

We will be offering cut peony flowers for sale by the stem, peonies in vase arrangements, refreshments and tours of the garden.  Please join us to see some beautiful peonies in bloom.

Peonies Open House In Saline, Michigan

If you need to have cut peonies flowers shipped to you for a wedding or other special event please complete our contact form or visit our website

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wedding Venue in London

If you have just been proposed to then you will undoubtedly have the word wedding on the brain. Questions are likely to be racing through your head at a hundred miles an hour … What are you going to wear, who are you going to invite and perhaps most crucially where are you going to hold both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

With many people now looking at alternative venues to churches to get married in the list of available options is endless. One of the benefits of living in a large city like London of course is that it offers some slightly more quirky and unusual venues.

A particularly popular London Wedding Venue is one of a floating nature. Moored in the city amongst many of the cities famous landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and the Southbank are a number of vessels that are available for hire. Not only do these venues cater for wedding receptions but there are also some which hold a wedding and civil ceremony license enabling you to get wed onboard should you wish. Of course even if you do decide that you would prefer to get married in a church you will of course still have the reception venue that you will need to consider and organize.

Your chosen London Wedding Venue will likely have an experienced events management team and/or wedding planner provided to help you plan your day. Whether you want your wedding to be formal or fun or intimate or grand they will work closely with you to ensure that even the smallest details are addressed and considered and that it runs smoothly from start to finish.

In terms of budget there will likely be a number of different wedding packages that your chosen London Wedding Venue can provide you with. These will range from a standard Classic package to as the name suggests an Indulgence Package. The size of your budget will likely dictate which package will best suit yourself and your husband to be.

It is also worth considering though whether a midweek wedding might suit you as whilst most brides and grooms prefer to get married on a Friday or Saturday many wedding venues will offer a package that is of the same quality but is more attractive from a cost viewpoint.

Opting for a midweek wedding may then free up some of your budget allowing you to choose some luxury add-ons. Perhaps a themed wedding is something that you would like to consider. One possibility would be to play on the venue itself and choose something such as a James Bond theme. You could even excite your guests and extend your theme further by arranging either for yourself and your future groom or your guests to arrive at the venue via speedboat!

Whatever you decide you can be certain though that choosing a unique London Wedding Venue such as this will make both friends and guests envious and provide yourself, the groom and them with a day to remember forever.

For more visit

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Are you thinking about having a Stag and Hen parties in Surrey?  Stag dos and hen dos can all be a little passé sometimes, can't they? It's never quite made clear whether they are supposed to be tacky affairs and that those who buck the trend by doing something a bit nicer are the ones in the wrong, or if all those cringeworthy stag dos and hen dos are actually the wrong way to do it. Perhaps there isn't a real answer. On one hand you can put these things down to taste entirely, so it may seem that the western world has a very tacky sense of taste when it comes to celebrating the night before a bride or groom is supposed to be married.

Well actually, these days stag and hen dos are leaving more and more of a gap between these events and the weddings for which they have been organised. It never used to be the way, not as far as probably a lot of people can remember. It's probably for good reason, however - there is something awfully seedy about either bride or a groom getting completely drunk the day before a very important day in their lives and ruining the whole day with a massive hangover that means they'll be no fun and possibly moody: and these are just the problems for other people, what about the sickness and the terrible headaches for the brides and grooms themselves? A very bad idea!

And another thing: you can go out drinking any day of the week (in theory). So why would you make a point of celebrating a once in a lifetime event (hopefully!) with a very common, everyday thing? Perhaps it is better the way it seems to be leaning these days - leaving a long gap between the stag and hen dos and the wedding and making a big event of the dos themselves. This way people can appreciate their friends more and actually do something interesting, different and worthwhile rather than just spend another night drunk.

For example you could look into going somewhere outside of big cities, like London, away from pubs and night clubs. There are much better locations for stag and hen events - Surrey, for example, would be a charming place. There are a lot of things you can do in the countryside, a lot of methods to create an unforgettable memories with your buddies - rather than having one that you're probably not going to keep in mind anyway! And if you do experience the need to consume alcohol, well, you could just take some with you!

How to Take the Perfect Wedding Photographs

When planning a wedding, almost any way of saving money without compromising on quality is welcome: weddings are, after all, quite expensive affairs!  One of the most obvious ways of saving cash – and one that many people don't consider – is getting someone you know to take the photographs.  Because many modern cameras are of such high quality, you'd be amazed at the results you can get.  That's why we've put together this list of tips on how to get great shots without breaking the bank.

1)  Plan a 'shot list'.  One of the best ways of ensuring the couple has everything they want in terms of photographs is to ensure that they let the photographer know in advance the sort of things that they want shot.   For instance, if the happy couple is in love with the location of the wedding then the chances are they're going to want a fair few shots of it.  It's important to consider this, as whilst the normal shots might be obvious – bride and groom, best man and maid of honour etc – the couple are likely to have a couple of less obvious shots that are more personal to them.

2)  Get a partner in crime.  If you're to be the photographer, it can really help to have someone to work alongside to help co-ordinate everything.  You're going to need time to set up your gear in the various different locations, and this means that you just aren't going to be able to rush around and chase up everyone you need at that specific time.  There's a reason that photographers have assistants, you know!  If you're a friend of the couple, then rope in another friend or family member to help you out: they'll normally be happy to do their bit!

3)  Focus on detail.  Some of the most charming wedding photographs are of the small things: the details on the back of the programs, the rings resting on the bible, the table detail.  Whilst you should certainly make sure you get the classic shots, you should spend a lot of time focusing on the smaller, more individual shots: whilst you might not end up using some of them, you never know what the bride and groom are going to fall in love with.  The worst that can happen is that you can add some your own favorites to your portfolio.

Don't be too obtrusive, but don't wimp out, either!  The last thing any happy bride and groom wants is to have a whole host of wedding shots that are just average.  If you know that you've got a great shot, then take it!  Obviously, though, it's important to make sure that you don't overdo it – if you find yourself leaning over the vicar's shoulder to get a shot of the bride, you're probably overdoing things!

This article was written by Canvas Prints UK experts Somer Print  who worked together with freelance writer Charly Daniels to created this piece.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Order Peonies Now!

The warm spring weather has arrived here in Michigan and we are anxiously awaiting the peony bloom which I think will start in about 2 weeks or around June 2 or 3.     Bridgewater Gardens is accepting orders for peonies flowers for the summer 2013 peony season. To order peonies please fill out our contact form  Please be sure to include your zip code if we will need to ship the flowers to you.

Bridgewater Gardens is located just west of Saline, Michigan.  We are about 15 minutes southwest of Ann Arbor, MI, about 1 hour east of Detroit, and about 1 hour north of Toledo, OH.   In addition to providing peonies for local weddings in Ann Arbor or Saline, we have many customers each year who are brides or wedding parties located in the metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan or northwest Ohio.  When you arrive to pick up your peony order we will have them ready in 5 gallon buckets of water for you.   You do not need to bring any buckets for teh flowers. We will have them looking just like this for you:

Peonies Wedding Flowers, From Left to Right, Light Pink, Medium PInk, Bright Pink, White

We usually place 18 stems of peonies in each bucket so you just need to make sure that whoever picks the flowers up has a vehicle that will hold the flowers.   For more information on ordering peonies for overnight delivery please visit Bridgewater Gardens 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wednik - A Great New Wedding Planning Tool

I recently came across this great new wedding planning tool called Wednik.   When you register for an account tell Wednik your total wedding budget and wednik will break down your budget with suggested budgets for your wedding expenses.

Wednik will also help you find local wedding vendors in your area, manage seating arrangements, send reminders to your guests, track your wedding tasks, and even assign wedding tasks to your family and friends.  Wednik even has wedding planners on staff to help you plan your wedding.  The first consultation with a wedding planner is free.   They offer free, silver, gold,and platinum accounts.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Peonies Season 2013 Is Almost Here!

Spring is here and I am glad to report that the peonies are up out of the ground and growing!   Other than the past week we have had a pretty cold spring and are expecting the peonies season to be a few days late this year.   Just to be safe we are taking orders for peonies for weddings and other events that take place on or after June 8, 2013

To inquire about ordering peonies flowers or our peonies season please complete our Contact Form  Once we receive your form we will respond back with pricing and availability for your date.  If that sounds good we will add you to our list and invoice you with Paypal.   Please be sure to include the date of your wedding or event and  your zip code.