Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wedding Photography Registries

So, you're big sister is getting married (or is it your best friend from college?), and it's time to pick out that perfect gift that will complement her new life for years to come. You want to get her something that she will truly appreciate. Something that she (I should say "they", the groom has to live with your gift too ;) ) would not necessarily buy for herself. Something special.

So you take a look at her wedding registry. There's that new salad spinner she's been wanting. The George Foreman Grill is on there ... you know she's always trying to eat more healthy. Oh, Oh, what about replacement filters for the Brita?!

Sure, these things are useful, but they just don't feel very "special", do they? You want to give her something truly unique, that you know she will cherish for the rest of her life. That's where a wedding photography registry comes in. Many photographers these days are offering wedding photo registries to their clients these days. They allow wedding guests to choose to pre-purchase for the Bride and Groom an additional print from the wedding, a "Giclee" canvas wall cluster, or anything else that the photographer offers. Beautiful products that the bride and groom wouldn't necessarily be able to purchase for themselves. Even better, wedding photo registries from allow more expensive gifts (like that Canvas wall cluster I mentioned) to be split into portions, so that several guests can pitch in on a truly spectacular gift.

Brides - make sure your photographer has a wedding photography registry, and if they don't, send them to so they can get one setup. You'll thank me every time you walk into your living room and see that beautiful art on your walls.

All you need to know about purchasing wedding bands

Let’s be frank - buying a wedding ring isn’t always easy. There are lots of different factors you need to put into the equation. Not only this, but the decision is a monumental one. The ring is a symbol of you and your partner’s love and you are going to be wearing it on your hand for eternity. No pressure! 

The first thing you need to do is think about your wedding band in conjunction with your engagement ring. Engagement bands tend to be more elaborate and detailed in style, and the wedding band usually acts as a complement to this. Don’t try and overcomplicate things. This is not the battle of wedding bands vs. engagement bands. They should be working together. Therefore, go for a metal choice that’s the same as your engagement ring, you should also make sure it is similar in style too. 

As mentioned in the previous paragraph your metal choice is very important. The most common choices regarding wedding jewelry in Hong Kong are platinum, gold, and white gold. Platinum tends to be very popular because it is rare and long lasting, meaning not only does it look beautiful but it will look that way for a lifetime. In addition to this, yellow gold is very traditional and a lot of women prefer it because it matches the jewelry they have at present. And then there’s white gold; not only does this look stunning but it matches into most people’s budgets as well.

And that leads on perfectly to the next point - cost. A lot of people feel obliged to spend fortunes on their wedding rings. But these days are long gone. Don’t spend what you haven’t got. There are some fantastic wedding rings out there and they don’t cost extortionate amounts. Be sensible. You want to look at your ring and smile, not be filled with regret because you spent too much. 

It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that you can always go down the custom made route. This is the only way to purchase a wedding ring that is a complete replication of what you want. Not only this; but nobody else will have the same ring as you. And let’s not lie about it ladies; you know you hate it when somebody turns up wearing the same outfit or piece of jewelry that you have on!

And finally, don’t purchase the first ring you see! You need to make sure that you take the time to contemplate your decision. So many people rush into buying a ring because they panic that it won’t be there or they say that they are certain it’s the one for them. But the only way you truly know this is when you have left the jeweller and come back to see it with a refreshed mind on a new day.

Hopefully this article will have given you the insight needed, however when it comes to buying your wedding ring you should speak to Haywards. They offer fantastic bespoke jewelry in Hong Kong, with wedding jewelry making up a monumental sector of their work. They will converse with you in order to ensure you have covered all aspects of the design process. Furthermore, their custom made service is unrivalled and assured to make you feel delighted. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hire a Photo Booth to entertain your wedding guests

Photo booths have been used as entertainment for years, and recently they have really started to take off for weddings as couples look for unique ways to keep their guests entertained.  There are various types of photo booths available for weddings, and some couples even choose to go down the DIY route and build their own! The traditional type would remind most guests of a passport booth and allows up to 4 guests to squeeze in and take their own photo. These can be great fun, and anyone who has experienced this at a wedding will know that you get some fantastic photographic memories of the special night!

A more personalised approach has been taken by some companies who offer a larger studio area where bigger groups of guests can fit in and get their photos taken by a professional photographer. This has taken off in the UK and companies such as Digital Guestbook who offer photo booth hire in Scotland will help your guests feel at ease and encourage them to leave you messages on the provided chalk-boards.

A fun addition which most companies provide is a box of props such as wigs and masks which help get the creative juices flowing for some really fun photos to look through after the wedding! Hire a photo booth for your wedding in Scotland and treasure the memories for years to come.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Orchid Flowers of Thailand or from the Garden of Eden!

Without a doubt, some of the most exquisite flowers that I have ever laid eyes on are the orchid flowers of Thailand. These flowers are blooming all year round and come in various colours with a bright shade of violet and a scarlet coloured variety being their most popular species. In Thailand orchids are commonly given to brides at weddings

The orchid flowers have given the country much needed export income due to the demand from other countries for these lovely flowers. This demand is due to the stunning and breathtaking eye appeal and the extremely aromatic fragrance that goes with these flowers. The orchid flowers of Thailand are a favourite of horticulturists, gardeners and also a perfect gift for friends and family. It would be easy to confuse these flowers for those that are grown in the Garden of Eden itself.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bristol Weddings

Planning your wedding in Bristol

Planning your wedding is exciting, and can be very time consuming. It can take hours of endless research to find the right suppliers, venues and services. Here are a few things to remember when planning your big day in Bristol or Somerset.

Wedding Venues

So you need somewhere to get married and somewhere to hold your reception. Bristol has a multitude of options for both. Wether you want a church or something more contemporary, Bristol has it all. There are lots of hotels offering wedding packages, from stately Manor houses on the outskirts of the city to luxury suites in the centre of town. In Bristol you'll be spoilt for choice but get in early to avoid disappointment.

Wedding Cars Bristol

Getting to the church on time (and in style) is very important. When it comes to Wedding Cars Bristol has some great choices of classic and modern vehicles. Make sure to view the car before hand and meet the chauffeur, you don't want any nasty surprises.

Wedding Gifts

You probably don't need a reminder to make a wedding gift list, but you might want some local or ethical ideas for your list. Bristol is an green city and many residents like to choose local and ethical products and services. Why not choose something like recycled wine glasses from a local supplier for your Eco Wedding list.

Wedding Planners

If it all seems too much to organize then Bristol has a number of very good wedding planners. The advantage of a wedding planner is that they have many connections in the local wedding industry and can do any research for you. Having professional help will ensure nothing is missed and everything goes to plan. If you're strapped for time then their services are well worth the extra cost. Whatever you choose for your wedding in Bristol we hope you have a great day!