Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Meaning of a Unity Candle

The best wedding ceremonies mix tradition with originality. The ceremony should feel like “you”, but it should also feel like a wedding ceremony - you don’t want it to be so unique that it is unrecognizable. One traditional aspect of a wedding ceremony not to be missed is the lighting of the unity candle. You can purchase these YumYum Weddings when you're ready to plan your ceremony.

How to use it
Whether you are allowed to perform this ritual during the wedding ceremony itself, will depend upon the rules of your Church. Some Churches prohibit the use of candles, as a way round this, many couples choose to perform this ceremony at the wedding breakfast instead.

The unity candle sits unlit in the middle of two smaller burning candles. The two smaller candles represent the bride and the groom as individual entities before the marriage. The bride and groom take their respective candles and, in unison, light the bigger candle. This represents the joining together of two hearts, souls and minds. It is an incredibly emotive and beautiful tradition that really highlights the commitment you are making.

Biblical origin
This beautiful custom symbolizes the joining of two individuals, and the promise to act as one under God. The exact origins of the unity candle ceremony are unknown, but the custom became popular in American weddings over 40 years ago. The ceremony varies between cultures. The custom represents the couple’s submission to God’s will, and the joining of the bride and groom in an eternal bond.

Make it your own
It is up to you whether to leave the individual candles lit or not. Some couples choose to blow out the individual candles to represent the ending of two single lives, whereas other couples prefer to leave them lit as recognition that each person still has their own identity, although they are now joined in marriage.

There are many ways to customize this symbolic tradition:
* You can use personalized candles in your wedding colors.
* You can have a reading during the tradition, to highlight the importance of what you are doing.
* You can have all members of the wedding party involved, as a way of showcasing their approval of your marriage.

There are lots of things you can do to tailor the lighting of the unity candle, so get creative and make sure it represents you as a couple, and as God’s servants. If done right, this romantic custom will guarantee there’s not a dry eye in the house - so make sure you’re wearing waterproof mascara!

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