Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peonies - How to Plant

We are often asked what is the correct way to plant a peony plant or root?  I thought the best way to demonstrate this would be a video.

To purchase peonies plants and roots please visit Peonies Plants and Roots  We will be adding more varieties of peonies soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peonies Plants / Peony Plants

Bridgewater gardens has been selling fresh cut peonies since 2002.  We are often asked by customers who purchase peonies if we also sell peony plants and roots. On a few occastions we have sold some peony plants in the past but for the most part we have only sold the peony flowers.  For the Fall of 2010 Bridgewater Gardens we will begin to offer regular sales each fall of peony plants.   During the Fall of 2010 we will offered the following peony varieties:

Peony Pink Princess - Single Pale Pink Peony w/ Yellow Center

Peony Edulis Superba - A bright pink or hot pink large peony flower. Below is a photo of pink Edulis Superba peony buds.

Peony Keriser Aurora - A rare red Russian Peony variety


Bridgewater Gardens is no longer in the business of selling peony palnts but you can see the varieties that we used to sell here of the Bridgewater Gardens website.    Shipping of peony plants will start mid to late September and continue through early November or as our root supplies allow.  We will be adding more peony varieties soon so please check back.