Friday, November 5, 2010

Peony Flower Season 2011

The fall gardening is officially done and I am thinking about everything we need to do prior to the 2011 peony season which will start for us sometime in early June or possibly in late May like it did this year.  

During the winter time is when I have time to update the website and order our  our supplies for the next peony season.  We always needs lots of boxes and wrapping paper for packing and overnight shipping of the peony flowers. 

And we always include a business card in each order so I will need to order more business cards also.  I have always ordered my business cards from Vista Print.  They will give you 250 free business cards for free, you just have to pay for the shipping.  I have always been very happy with the quality of their business cards.   For more information please visit  Vista Print .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Has Arrived And The Peonies Have Been Planted

Fall has arrived here in Michigan.  I cannot believe it is the first of November already. We have planted 1000 peony plants during September and October and the fall gardening is done for the season.  We found a peony nursery in Russia that exports peonies to the USA and imported some very rare Red Russian Peonies called Kreiser Aurora.  We are hoping that a few of the plants will make a small flower next spring so we can see what they look like.  Orders for peony roots will be selected and shipped through the first 3 weeks of  November 2010.

Now that the gardening season is over our attention has turned to inside the house where we are looking around to see what needs to be done before winter arrives.  I was doing some online shopping the other day looking for  Dehumidifiers and air purifiers.   There were are so many models to choose from with so many different features that I got overwhelmed and thought I will come back to this later.  After taking a break for a half hour I got back online and narrowed down my selection to 2 models for each  of the dehumidifier and air purifier.

Like most appliances dehumidifiers and air purifiers come in a wide range of prices.  My strategy on appliances of this type is to not purchase the most expensive model and not the least expensive either.   So I usually go for a medium priced appliance so I will be using the same strategy for my search for dehumidifiers and an air purifier.  I am hoping to make my final decision by the end of the week.