Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peonies at Christmas ?

We recently learned of another peony grower who has a farm in Chile in South America where it is spring/summer right now. He is flying in peonies from his farm in Chile to his flower distribution facility in Miami.We have thought about maybe partnering with him to provide peonies for our customers around Christmas time. What a great Christmas gift that would be. It is a little late for this year. But who knows maybe for next Christmas we will have a partnership with him where we can provide beautiful fresh cut peony flowers for our customers at Christmas time.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, my husband wants some Cole Haan Shoes for Christmas. I have decided to purchase the Cole Haan Shoes From Zappos. Zappos has free shipping each way. That way if they do not fit him then it is easy to return and there is.

I saw some great styles of Cole Haan Shoes for women also so I think I will look for some shoes for myself.