Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The HMS President: The Perfect Wedding Venue in London

London is a place full of quirky theatres, galleries and beautiful, eclectic architecture. With so many famous buildings, the city is the perfect place to get married or celebrate a civil partnership. However, although the sheer volume of choices has its advantages it also has its draw backs. The perfect wedding venue in London can be difficult to find. Venues will have very different characters, some suited to grand weddings for hundreds of people, while others are perfect for a small intimate ceremony. The question is how do you make a shortlist, let alone a final choice?

Key aspects to consider when choosing your wedding venue in London are: location, size, originality and character. How important is it for you to be in or near a specific place? How many guests will you have? What style or theme do you want for your wedding?

Obviously for most couples budget plays an important part as well, so it’s vital to find a venue that can offer you flexible options.   London is a busy, vibrant, multi-cultural city with people visiting from all over the world for all sorts of reasons. One such reason could be to attend a wedding or even to get married themselves. With so many weddings happening in so many venues every day, just how do you make your wedding stand out from the crowd?

Well, you could choose a truly unique wedding venue in London with an incredible location that is not just steeped in history but has all the modern amenities that will make your wedding amazing. How would you feel about having The City of London as the backdrop to your wedding?  If this sounds like just the kind of wedding venue you are looking for, then you really need to visit The HMS President. This amazing boat dates back to 1918 and was originally built to protect British convoys, and is one of only three British Navy Ships that survives from this time.

Long retired from such conflicts, she has traded sailors for happy party guests, and in recent years has been totally refurbished and redesigned into a venue for weddings and other events in London.

The HMS President has several truly spectacular rooms, such as The Georgian Ballroom, with its antique wood and beautiful gold fittings and The Ward Room, which was originally the officer’s mess. Many rooms have been cunningly designed to retain some of the original character of the vessel, in order to set it apart from other wedding venues in London. Of course these days HMS President is every bit as luxurious as a cruise liner.

With a license for ceremonies, as well as a dedicated team who work tirelessly with the happy couple to ensure their wedding is just as they imagined, HMS President is genuinely one of a kind as a wedding venue. A wedding aboard The HMS President will provide happy memories for the couple and their guests for many years to come.

Wedding Entertainment

Two people deciding marry is always a beautiful thing. Marriage symbolises not just the unification of two lovers, but the unification of all their friends and families. Clearly the couple and their families and friends will look forward to the big day with a great amount of anticipation, excitement and happiness. Making the decision to marry is the easy part. The actual organization of a wedding is much more daunting and stressful task. That is to be expected though! Hosting a big bold wedding is always going to demand a certain amount of planning! After all no one ever said it was going to be easy, did they?

After the proposal, the couple will need to start thinking about when they actually want to get married. While some prefer not to set a date, others will plan to marry as soon as possible. Of course planning the big event can be stressful. Where should you get married? Who do you want to invite? Should you invite all your family even if you don’t like some of them? The list goes on and on.

For most couples their wedding is an important event that they want to spend and celebrate with the people that really matter to them. Regardless of religion, taste and location, the unifying factor for everyone is that they are able to have a fun and create some great, lasting memories. Many people take a long time planning their wedding, some even years. There are things like save the dates to think about, colour schemes, transport, wedding entertainment, food, photographers, hen nights and stag nights, the list continues.

Obviously, getting married does not need to take years and if speed is important to you, you’ll need to make some big decisions quickly. Money is always a pretty big issue when it comes to arranging a wedding. Anything wedding related does not come cheap. Choosing where to spend your budget is important, as knowing your priorities is too. For example: Where do you want to spend your money? How much do you want to spend? You may want to keep things simple and have a small afternoon tea in the town hall. Alternatively, you may choose to really splash the cash and rent a massive country estate with beautiful panoramic grounds. Although everyone dreams of the fairytale weeding, you should always take the time to sensibly assess what you can actually afford. There is no point being bankrupt before you even start your lives together! It can be easy to let the ideas run away from you, the key is just to do what makes you and your partner happy.

Your wedding is bound to have all your own little nuances and hallmarks on it, reflecting your taste in everything from food to music. You’ll also probably know from personal experience that everyone loves a bit of a party in the evening. Whatever wedding entertainment you opt for, whether it’s a disco or a live band, make sure it is something that everybody can relate to. However, as long as you enjoy the actual day itself and throw a wedding your guests will enjoy, it is bound to be remembered for years to come.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Picking Wedding Flowers That Suit You Best

Todays guest post brought to you by Charlotte flowershop providing florist services to florist service in Charlotte NC, Pineville, florist Matthews, florist Fort Mill SC, Waxhaw, Ballantyne NC and other cities to help you find the best flowers.

Flowers make a fabulous wedding table decoration. You can also use flowers to represent your feelings towards someone in certain moments such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, and mourning moment. Of course, this flower must be composed of finest and freshest flower which have various types and it also form an aesthetic taste. Flowers have meaning through their colors and shape. For example, roses will present desire, passion and love, so, this flower will be suitable for someone special such as girlfriend, boyfriend, or parents. 

Here are some bouquet examples from florist Fort Mill SC

1.    Teleflora's Confetti Present
These flowers will be perfect present to make the receiver happy. This bouquet is composed by pink roses, purple carnations, hot pink miniature gerberas, matsumoto asters and green chrysanthemums. The bouquet is decorated in a festive present box with blue and green ribbon decorations. This bouquet has about 17” wide x 13 ½” high. Starclaire House of Flowers, for example, offers at least three types of prices; Common bouquet is $42.95, then Deluxe is $52.95, and Premium is $62.95.

2.    Teleflora's Dazzling Day Bouquet
This bouquet is special because it is a type of balloon-festooned bouquet. The pleasant blossoms and a sparkly birthday balloon make your present as unforgettable part. This bouquet consists of of pink roses, daisy spray chrysanthemums, yellow gerberas, dark pink alstroemeria, light pink matsumoto asters, light yellow carnations, and small carnations. Then, when it is putted in the stylish vase with happy balloon, the gift will definitely become beyond all expectations. This cheerful bouquet has size approximately 17” wide x 19” high and cost you about $62.95 until $82.95.

3.    Beautiful in Blue
This bouquet is symbol of sorrow, it is very suitable for people who in mourning moment. The color blue with the purity of intention gives symbol of serenity. However, it is also a symbol of strength, so your intention is expecting the receiver will strength during difficult times. This flower is composed of blue hydrangea, white lilies, crème roses, alstroemeria, white and yellow chrysanthemums, limonium, and eucalyptus. These flowers are placed in cobalt blue vase. The size is about 16 ½” x 18” and cost you approximately $44.95 until $64.95.

Those examples are only few beautiful bouquets provided by Starclaire House of Flowers Charlotte flowershop. There are still lots of theme and combinations which will inspire you. You can choose one of those bouquets or you can also arrange a new one for your special moments.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Linen Inspiration

Wedding Linen Inspiration
Elegant Wedding Linens from BBJ Linens

I recently came across this photo on line and thought it would be so inspiring for our brides this year.  I absolutely love the layered pink and white wedding linens and the floral arrangements are beautiful too!   The elegant look in the photo is achieved by layering a white shimmering sheer table cloth over a solid pink chiffon table covering.  I really love the look, it would be fantastic with pink peonies decorating your wedding reception tables. 

Accessorize Your Wedding With Linens

Beautiful table linens are a great way to accessorize your wedding.  Consider matching table cloths, napkins and slip covers for the chairs at your wedding reception tables.  I love the elegant look of the matching sashes around the back of the chair.  The nice thing is that linens are available in so many different colors that you can easily match them to the colors of your wedding flowers.

If you select a patterned table cloth a single color of wedding flower arrangement would be best like all white flowers or all pink flowers.  Or if you are using mixed colors of flowers then consider a solid color for your table coverings.    Given that you are hopefully using these nice linens only once for your wedding then it makes alot of sense to rent the linens rather than to purchase them. Be sure to check out  rental for weddings   .  They have some amazingly beautiful linens available for wedding rentals.

Everything About Having The Perfect Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your entire life. Planning a wedding can also be one of the most frustrating processes imaginable, but it certainly does not have to be. By following the advice in this article, you will have the tools you need to create the ceremony and reception of your dreams.

When you have eight to nine months left before your wedding, you need to select your wedding dress and book your reception site. Also at this point, it would be helpful to have your photographer booked and a create a tentative list of the guests you plan on inviting. It would also make sense at this time to buy wholesale flowers for weddings and set the schedule for them to be delivered for your special day. Taking care of these things will make the next few months go much easier.

Consider buying shape-enhancing garments to wear under your wedding dress. You can buy bodysuits which slim your legs, raise your bottom, flatten your stomach and boost up your bust, giving you the perfect figure to accent the beauty of your gown. They can be expensive but you can always wear them again for any occasion that warrants it.

A good thing for the bride to keep in mind when it comes to weddings is to take pictures of yourself while trying out different makeup and hair styles. This will ensure that you do not pass up on a great combination while trying out different techniques for your wedding day.

Though the idea may not appeal to you at first, a "like new" wedding dress can really cut your dress budget. Most of the dresses you will find have only been worn once and some sellers require this. You can find and afford much grander options for your dress that you would not have originally considered trying to buy.

To avoid the pitfalls of currency exchange for your guests, find out where they have to go to get local funds before they arrive. Take everyone as a group to the location where you can exchange your money and call ahead to ask if they can accommodate everyone at the same time, maybe in a room outside the main area, so they don't have to wait in line.

Weddings are among the most joyous occasions in anyone's lifetime. However, making certain that the entire day comes off without a hitch can be a daunting task indeed. The truth, however, is that if you take the tips and advice in this piece to heart, you have the ability to orchestrate a day that you will always look back on with great fondness.

For your wedding day you also want the perfect wedding flowers.  If you are looking to buy wholesale flowers for weddings be sure to check out Danisa's Wholesale Flowers.