Thursday, May 23, 2013

Are you thinking about having a Stag and Hen parties in Surrey?  Stag dos and hen dos can all be a little passé sometimes, can't they? It's never quite made clear whether they are supposed to be tacky affairs and that those who buck the trend by doing something a bit nicer are the ones in the wrong, or if all those cringeworthy stag dos and hen dos are actually the wrong way to do it. Perhaps there isn't a real answer. On one hand you can put these things down to taste entirely, so it may seem that the western world has a very tacky sense of taste when it comes to celebrating the night before a bride or groom is supposed to be married.

Well actually, these days stag and hen dos are leaving more and more of a gap between these events and the weddings for which they have been organised. It never used to be the way, not as far as probably a lot of people can remember. It's probably for good reason, however - there is something awfully seedy about either bride or a groom getting completely drunk the day before a very important day in their lives and ruining the whole day with a massive hangover that means they'll be no fun and possibly moody: and these are just the problems for other people, what about the sickness and the terrible headaches for the brides and grooms themselves? A very bad idea!

And another thing: you can go out drinking any day of the week (in theory). So why would you make a point of celebrating a once in a lifetime event (hopefully!) with a very common, everyday thing? Perhaps it is better the way it seems to be leaning these days - leaving a long gap between the stag and hen dos and the wedding and making a big event of the dos themselves. This way people can appreciate their friends more and actually do something interesting, different and worthwhile rather than just spend another night drunk.

For example you could look into going somewhere outside of big cities, like London, away from pubs and night clubs. There are much better locations for stag and hen events - Surrey, for example, would be a charming place. There are a lot of things you can do in the countryside, a lot of methods to create an unforgettable memories with your buddies - rather than having one that you're probably not going to keep in mind anyway! And if you do experience the need to consume alcohol, well, you could just take some with you!

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