Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wedding Decorations

When your guests arrive at your wedding venue on your very special day, you will want them to be impressed by the lovely details of your decor. It is the decor on the wedding venue that can really make the difference between an average wedding and a truly unforgettable event that impresses your guests.
When you are choosing wedding decorations, what are the considerations that you should keep in mind? Here is a list of some factors that you should consider in choosing the right decor for your wedding.

The Wedding Theme
Many weddings are decorated around a specific theme chosen by the couple that reflects their tastes and interests. For example, a nature-loving couple could have a rustic outdoor themed wedding decor with centrepieces made of flowers and wood. A couple who travel a lot together could have an “Around the World” themed wedding with maps on the walls and photos of themselves in exotic locations on display. Choosing a theme will help you select the right decorations for your special event.

The Location
Remember that when you choose where these wedding decorations will be on display, they should fit perfectly in one area of the venue but could look very out of place in another. Before you start choosing the decorations for your wedding, take some photos of the wedding venue, which you will use as a reference. Take these photos with you when shopping for decorations so that you can imagine how the decor will look at your wedding venue.

The Budget

Of course, it is also important to think about the budget for your wedding decorations. Realistically, how much can you afford for your decorations? To spend your decoration budget wisely, decide which piece will be the most important element of the design. For example, you might choose to invest most of the budget on the centrepiece that you really love and spend less on chair covers or flower arrangements.

Family Traditions
When it comes to wedding decor, another aspect to consider is the family tradition. What elements of the wedding décor can you include that will reflect the traditions of your family and your culture? These tiny finishing touches will certainly impress your guests and add more meaning and significance to your wedding decorations.

Let the Professionals Choose Your Wedding Décor

Choosing decorations for your wedding can be a lot of work. Save yourself the hassle and leave the job to the professionals to ensure that your wedding decor looks beautiful and elegant. One Heart Wedding is a professional wedding planning company in Hong Kong that will listen to your descriptions of your dream wedding and assist you with all your decoration needs.

One Heart Wedding has a team of professional designers, with extensive experience in putting together customised wedding decoration Hong Kong tailored according to the taste of each unique couple. One Heart Wedding will assist with you all the aspects of your wedding, including creating a logo, designing invitations and decorating a stunning venue with flowers, lighting, wedding decoration HK, and more.

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