Saturday, December 29, 2012

4 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in Houston TX

One aspect that could complete a wedding experience of the couple who are about to wed is the wedding venue. Houston wedding venues are the best places that you could celebrate your special moment; it only happens almost once in a lifetime so it should be special. Here in Houston, you will never be disappointed as the place offers variety of wedding venues perfect for your expectations.

So far, here are the top 4 most stunning venues where weddings in Houston are mostly celebrated:
1. Demers Banquet Hall. If you want your event to be memorable, this place is perfect. So far, this is the most requested wedding venue due to its flexibility. The banquet hall is huge and classy; it could be arranged to whatever setting you prefer. Because of its customizable ability, this hall can also serve as a theatre if you have some presentations during your wedding reception. Guests will never be bored. They can go swimming afterwards in the pool provided by the venue.

2. Ashton Gardens. There are some couples who wanted their wedding to be private. Well, this venue is perfect for a peaceful wedding as it is situated near the forest. The chapel is made of glass so it creates drama as the bride is walking through the aisle. The place itself is also proud in presenting their highly customizable set up. You will never be disappointed with the dishes they serve; they got a talented chef over there.

3. La Tranquila Ranch. This one belongs to the list of affordable wedding venues in Houston TX.  if you want an outdoor wedding venue, this place will serve you well. This place is so perfect with the view of the lake while walking of the paved stone walkways. This place also has an indoor hall that could accommodate your guest.

4. Courtyard. If you want your wedding to be the grandest wedding like what you can see on Hollywood movies, you can choose this place. This place can provide you with a royal treatment from its service down to the very intricate interior design of its hall. Celebrating your reception in this place is like a dream come true. This place will forever be memorable to you. 

Choosing a wedding reception is indeed the most difficult job to do when you don’t know what you want. The above choices are the frontrunners of wedding venues that you could pick. Each venue may offer different types of feel so you need to determine first what kind of set up you really wanted on the day of the wedding. Choose well and the rest will be magical.

If you have a hard time to choose a wedding venue in Houston, you’ll definitely find a perfect match to your event by visiting these two helpful websites that help you find the perfect venue: and

How to Find Affordable Wedding Caterer in Houston TX

Looking for Houston wedding caterers could be a complicated and tiring process especially if you are tight of budget. Like any other problems, getting a caterer has so many options or perhaps solutions. Whether you are preparing for an important event like birthday party, anniversary, wedding celebration or other types of events, your goal is to get a dependable caterer. 

First, you need to determine what kind of event you will be having so that you can determine how much you will be spending. Here are some simple steps on how to find an affordable wedding catering in Houston: 

List the top 3 caterers in your area. If you want a very good catering service, make sure that you only get the most trusted ones. How you can do this? Well, it is very simple. Start by asking around from your friends who have experienced using the catering service beforehand. 

Call out. Once you have the top 3 list, make sure you call them out. You can conduct a short interview to the owner. Ask simple questions like “what type of events do you cater?”, “how many people can you cater?”, “what type of food do you cater?” and many others. 

Ask for a package. If your party is catering a huge crowd, you will need a package. Make sure that you ask them so that you can cut down the cost of your expenses big time. Many caterers offer different packages which are low cost; you can take advantage of them depending on your preference. 

Getting cheap catering service is very easy as long as you have a simple system that you follow. Try it out. It is effective. Check out these two impeccable wedding caterers in Houston: and

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Finding the perfect Wedding Venue for you!

Your wedding day is generally known as the best day of your life and one that all brides want to run efficiently.  One of (many) things that a new bride concerns herself about is her dress and what she will look like on the day however this is carefully followed by issues regarding what Wedding venue she should choose.  

Some brides plan their entire day around their dream wedding location whereas others start with a totally blank canvas.  Either way deciding where to hold your wedding is one of the most important planning decisions you will need to make.

Before looking at any potential Wedding Venues it can be helpful to ascertain whether you are looking for a venue purely to host your wedding reception or whether you would like somewhere that holds a civil ceremony licence enabling you to also get married on the premises.  In addition you should also need to have a clear idea of how many guests you intend to invite.  Whilst many venues have a number of different rooms available each one will of course have a maximum capacity.  Room capacities can also be impacted by the type of reception you have so you will need to decide whether you want a formal sit down meal or a stand up buffet.  Lastly you will need to give some thought to what entertainment you would like.  Bands and other types of entertainment can take up a lot of room and you will need to check that the room can accommodate this and your guests within the space available.

Clearly defining your requirements at the outset will ensure that you only consider venues that meet your criteria.  Not only will you not waste time looking at unsuitable venues but you will also minimize the risk of falling for somewhere that you later realize doesn’t work for you.

 With so many Wedding Venues available to choose from it can all be a bit of a minefield though.  Choosing a venue often comes down to the type of feel a bride is looking to create.  Some brides want a low key relaxed and informal affair whereas others seek something much more lavish.

A popular option with many brides that are looking for something more extravagant is somewhere that offers an upmarket Country Club feel.  There are plenty of venues in London of this type however if a bride is seeking somewhere set in acres of landscaped grounds then there is a high likelihood that she will need to broaden her search field and look outside of the actual capital itself.  

If a bride doesn’t want to be too far away from London choosing a Wedding Venue in Surrey can be a great alternative.  Away from the hustle and bustle of city life Wedding Venues Surrey are often set in beautiful grounds offering splendid views of picturesque scenery on all sides yet still have fantastic transport links to both train stations and airports for those attending guests.