Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Wedding Flowers

Make it a DIY WeddingWhen it comes to your wedding day, every corner you turn adds up to another expense.  To save a little cash here and there, why not make it a DIY wedding?  You can do many of the things for your wedding, which also makes it more personal and memorable.  A DIY wedding has become more popular in recent years because it is so much more personal.  By actually doing a lot of the work yourself, it makes it a much more memorable experience for all involved.  Brides are doing everything from their invitations to their wedding favors to their decor.  

One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding is the flowers.  It can add up quickly considering you need bouquets, boutonnieres, decorations, and centerpieces.Why not have DIY wedding flowers?  It does not have to be an overwhelming task, and you can enlist help from your friends and family.  Experiment with some of these ideas and tips and see what works for you.  

Bouquets are generally easier than the floral arrangements used for centerpieces and decorations.  Start with the bouquets and move on to the arrangements later.DIY flowers are cheaper than hiring a florist, but still not super cheap.  You can find great deals though, depending on the season.  Even grocery stores stock some pretty beautiful flowers almost year round.  Do not be afraid of grocery store flowers!  They can save you in a pinch.If you are not flexible, the DIY wedding flowers may not be for you. 

 You need to me able to improvise in case things do not work like you envisioned.  You can still make it special and beautiful, plus you get to make things with those who mean the most to you.Buy some extra flowers, especially if you find a good deal.  You never know when you will need them on the hectic day of your wedding, and they can be a life-saver.If you chose to have DIY flower centerpieces, it is easiest to make them simple.  Use clear vases you have already or invest in a few.  You can even use other cheap containers you have laying around, like tin buckets for a country wedding.  Be creative!  You can look for online tutorials if you need help with the arranging.  This can be the most difficult part of doing it yourself.It is best to get all of the flowers done the day before your wedding.  If you have many people to help and you trust them, they can work the morning of the wedding on the flowers.  Transporting the flowers can present some challenges, but it is nothing that some floral foam can’t fix.Remember to focus on the important parts of your day and not stress about the little details. 

 A DIY wedding is supposed to save you money, but also make it a more hands-on experience.  People will not notice if the purple flowers do not match the purple bridesmaid’s shoes.DIY wedding flowers do not have to be difficult, in fact they should be fun.  Think of the colors, the arrangements, and the possibilities.  So grab some flowers, get some floral tape and pins, some ribbon, and some willing helpers and whip those flowers into shape.

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