Thursday, February 21, 2013

White Peonies

White peonies are very beautiful and also are very popular for wedding flowers. Some years the color most commonly requested might be pink or fuschia but a common theme from year to year is that white peonies are the most often requested peony for the brides white peony wedding bouquet.  

Some brides go with a pure white peony bouquet, while others may mix the white peonies with some other flowers that give the bridal bouquet a little color.  Hypericum berries or some green foliage are also often mixed in with white peonies to give the bouquet a little bit of color.    I personally prefer to have a little color mixed in the white peony bouquet so that the bridal bouquet stands out against the brides white wedding dress. 

Some varieties of white peonies are pure white like peony Ann Cousins and peony Elsa Sass while others may have a few red specks on a few of the flowers petal edges like peony Evening Star and peony Festiva Maxima.  My favorite varieties of white peonies that we grow at Bridgewater Gardens include:
Early Blooming White Peonies
Festiva Maxima
Kelways Glorious 
Duchess de Nemours

Mid-Season Blooming White Peonies
Yang Fei Chu Yu (Chinese peony in English it translates to Fat Concubine)
Evening Star
Lillian Wild

Late Blooming White Peonies 
Elsa Sass
Mrs. Frank Beach
Ann Cousins (our latest blooming peony)

Peony Ann Cousins
Peony Ann Cousins

Here are a few examples of white peony bridal bouquets that were made using our beautiful white peonies.  Thanks to Sarah and Matt for sending us their wedding photos.

White Peonies Brides Bouquet
White Peonies Brides Bouquet

To order peonies for delivery or for your 2013 wedding please visit Bridgewater Gardens

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  1. Nice pictures. I like the flower designs and costumes.