Saturday, February 16, 2013

White Peonies Wedding Bouquet Pictures

About a year and  half ago we transitioned to a new e-mail address and have not been paying too much attention to the old e-mail address.   Tonight I was going through the old e-mail address and found way buried at the bottom a couple of e-mails from brides who purchased peony flowers from us for their wedding flowers.   It was a nice surprise and I was really glad to see the photos of our lovely peony flowers at their weddings.  The brides and grooms looked fantastic too!

We just posted peonies wedding pictures from Sarah and Matts wedding on June 11, 2011.   Their wedding took place at Saint Edwards church in Little Rock, Arkansas and the wedding photos are absolutely stunning.  Everything from the brides white peonies bridal bouquet, to the bridesmaids pink and white peonies bouquets, to the white peonies table centerpieces are drop-dead georgeous.  Below is one of their photos, to see the rest please visit Sarah and Matts Wedding Photos

White Peonies Brides Bouquet

I also found photos from Lydia and Adams wedding and we will be posting those  soon so be sure to check back in a few days.

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