Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wedding Favour Ideas

The tradition of giving wedding favours to guests goes back decades. Couples gave favours as a way to thank their guests for sharing in their special day. While the favours given will vary considerably, the thought behind the gesture is still the same.

Brides everywhere typically choose the favours to be handed out to their guests.  You can find so many good wedding favour ideas online these days.

Wedding Favours are not a new conception to weddings, however in recent years they have become more popular. It used to that your choices were limited to matchbooks and napkins this is no longer the case and many brides these days have a varied choice to choose from with all of the new designs available, you are bound to find something that will add to your wedding and give your guests a special trinket to remember your special day. 
Here are some great wedding favour ideas:
Personalized Candy / Sugared Almonds Containers are increasingly popular among brides. These containers can be personalized with your special day, names can be incorporated onto the boxes and kept by loved ones and family members as a keepsake of your special day. The boxes themselves can be tailored to suit your wedding theme and colour scheme making these little favours a great choice.

Key Chains – These favours have risen in popularity over recent years with brides wanting a special favour for there guests that they can use and keep with them. There are many unique designs available to choose from, you may even be able to get a key chain designed especially for your big day which is unique to your wedding and theme. Which may become one of your guests favoured key chains.

Candles – Candles are a great favour to send your guests home with. These can again be personalized and have many colors and designs to choose from to go with your wedding theme . You could even look into scented candles as favours. However if thinking of scented candles look for lightly scented and not too strong. For full votive candles you personalize them with pictures of the bride and groom and then you can also decorate them with designs and motifs relating to your wedding theme. These will be sure to be great souvenirs of your wedding add a pleasant fragrance and beauty to your guests' homes

Disposable Cameras – Although not a traditional favour, these are becoming increasingly popular as guests can take photos of the happy couple and once developed have they will have there own happy memories of the day to share with other guests and the happy couple.

Wine Bottle Stopper – These are a fairly new but modern concept as wedding favours however they are appealing as there are many unique designs and will provide your guest with an unusual momento of your special day.

My friend Kelly just had her wedding and it was the happiest day of her life! She used the wedding favor ideas outlined here and put them in a nice gift bag for everyone.
  The gift bags add a special touch.

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