Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peony Flower Mrs. FDR

Peony Mrs. FDR is one of my very favorite peonies.  It opens a nice pale pink and slowly fades to white as it opens. The petals of this popular wedding flower are very ruffled.  We classify this peony flower as blush or a pale pink.   When brides request blush colored peonies Mrs. FDR is one that we might send if it in bloom at the time.

The photo of Mrs. FDR below shows a young peony plant making one of its first peony flower blooms.  You can see how the outer petals are more pink and the center of the flower is more of a blush pink.

Mrs. FDR is an early blooming peony for us and it blooms towards the end of the first week of our bloom. Because it is an earlier blooming peony it is not one that we normally refrigerate and save for our late June and early July weddings. For late June or early July weddings we usually only refrigerate from our very last peony cuttings so Mrs. FDR is never one we would put aside on purpose as it is an earlier blooming peony flower.  And it is also a very commonly requested peony for weddings.

Our practice is to sell only our best and largest peony flowers for weddings. This peony flower is smaller and would have come from a younger plant which would make smaller flowers until the plant matures at about 4 or 5 years old.

Peony Mrs. FDR
Peony Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Mrs. FDR)

To see more photos of our beautiful peony Mrs. FDR flowers please visit our website 2010 Peony Flower Bloom Photos Scroll down the the 2nd and 3rd row and the photos are on the right hand side.

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