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A Princess or a Marquise? What Your Diamond Cut Says About You

Todays guest post is by Savannah Bobo.

As goes the cliché immortalized by Marilyn Monroe, "Diamonds are a girl’s best friend." There are numerous diamond cuts to choose from these days. The seemingly endless designs offer a wide range to suit anyone’s tastes. Wedding and engagement rings run the gamut—from classic round and pear to the elegant and stately marquise. Few may know it, but some of these rings have an interesting social significance, not to mention historical intrigue, as described below.


The first known diamond ring that was presented as a promise of marriage was given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477. The ring was custom designed into thin, flat diamond pieces that bore the shape of an M.
It wasn’t until 1880 that Cecil Rhodes founded the DeBeers Mining Company after returning from South Africa in 1873. During the next decade, the company controlled around 90 percent of the world’s diamond manufacturing.

Classic Designs

1. Tiffany settings were created in 1886 and consisted of six prongs raised so as to maximize the diamond’s brilliance. From the LA jewelry district to Southern antique malls, it is still considered one of the most sought after designs. It is generally chosen by those who enjoy its striking simplistic elegance.

2. The Asscher square with angular corner shape goes back to the late 1800s. The step cut style appears rectangular, seeming to descend into the setting. This selection is considered both meticulous and ultra-feminine.

3. Round shaped diamonds are brilliant cut and continue to be very popular, expressing a trustworthy and easy-going nature.

4. Pear settings resemble teardrops and are also exceedingly popular. Since they are more unconventional than the round diamond, they can make wide fingers appear slimmer. This choice is said to be indicative of adaptable, even tempered people.

5. Oval shapes are also unique to the round variety, offering a fresher take on timeless styles. Popularized during the early 1960s, this selection is for creative risk takers.

6. Marquise diamond cuts are oval with tips, designed to make the hand seem longer and slimmer. They also make diamonds appear larger. This style of ring is said to equate with being unique and adventurous.

7. Heart-shaped diamonds are a century old symbol of devotion. When proportioned well, they offer optimum sparkle for the dreamy and sentimental.

Glamorous Designs

6. Emerald shapes are a more glammed up version of the Asscher. As a rectangular step cut, it includes fewer facets. This selection is said to evoke efficiency and straightforwardness.

7. Cushion rectangles with curved sides first hit during the 18th century. As they evoke a modern vintage feel, they are said to represent organized and yet daring individuals.

8. Princess designs are said to represent decisive and fun-loving people. As a modern take on the square shaped cut, their geometric shape offers more sparkle and brilliance.

9. Radiant styles include the emerald’s crown with a triangular faceting. Since this design also incorporates round attributes, they are generally chosen by trendy fashionistas.

Exotic Ring Settings
In 1918, Cartier created the Trinity Ring with hoops in pink gold symbolizing love, white gold for friendship and yellow gold for fidelity. The ring was custom made for Jean Cocteau, who gave it to his lover, the poet Raymond Radiguet. In France, the style still remains popular as a traditional wedding ring.

In 1950, at the time that Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s book was published, the cracker jack ring was created as an homage to Holly Golightly’s engagement ring.

Despite their long history, it wasn’t until the early 1940s that diamond engagement rings became a leading jewelry line in department stores. In an effort to corner the market, DeBeers, the firm that started it all began using the "A diamond is forever" slogan in 1947.

Savannah Bobo is a blogger and freelance writer from Atlanta interested in shopping, fashion, film, art, and literature. Diamonds are classic fashion accessories and there are many different, expressive styles to suit all types of brides. Icing on the Ring in the LA jewelry district provides ideal diamond cuts and exquisite designs.

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