Saturday, March 8, 2014

Peonies Wedding Flowers

Fresh peonies wedding flowers are available from Bridgewater Gardens in Saline, Michigan for June 2014 weddings.   Please visit our website or contact us.

Trends in weddings come and go. Wedding flowers, dresses, accessories and cake flavors all take turns at the top of the list as changes in tastes and styles wander from year to year. This year, one of the most classic, traditional flowers is back in vogue, the Peony flower. This wonderful bloom has been spotted all over the country in weddings as diverse as they come, from traditional to unconventional, romantic to quirky. They have also been used widely in celebrity weddings, solidifying their trending popularity. But what makes a Peonies wedding so popular and outstanding?  

People throughout the last 2000 years have been drawn to this magical flower for it's gorgeous looks and medicinal properties. Peonies have been painted, weaved into tapestries and sculpted for centuries as their beauty is inspirational and undeniable. Peonies are a gorgeous flower with feminine, fluffy blooms that are extremely full and fragrant. The ruffled petals are jam packed in each head, making a wide, stunning bloom. Colors are romantic, ranging from fresh white to deep crimson and everywhere in between.  A single peony can fill out an entire arrangement, and the buds can be used for whimsical decorations in bouquets, centerpieces and even boutonnieres for the men.  These flowers are perfect to add romance to any wedding, and especially fit in well with vintage inspired weddings, another huge trend in the bridal world.  Vintage touches and Peonies go hand in hand as the blooms inspire classic, traditional images of femininity and primness.  

Another reason Peonies weddings have surged in popularity is due to the flower's ease of use in decoration.  They mix well with other traditional wedding flowers, and their large faces help to add dimension and richness to mixed bridal bouquets, making them look fuller even with less flowers. This can help you save money as arrangements can look lavish and full with less flowers overall.  Also, the wide array of romantic colors available mix well with any color theme. These flowers are easily handled and stored, and their long stems make them ideal even for DIY brides that plan on creating their own bouquets. Unblossomed buds can also be used to add a unique decorative touch to arrangements.  

For the DIY bride, peonies as a wedding flower is ideal.  They can be ordered and delivered directly from Bridgewater Gardens to your personal wedding florist that will add them to your floral arrangements, or to your own work area for you to arrange before your big day. 

Bridgewater Gardens offers the freshest, most outstanding Peony blooms, and they are expecting a magnificent crop this year as they flourish when the Michigan winter is frigid, as this winter has been.  Orders are shipped directly from the peony grower, and they are cut and shipped the same day to ensure the highest quality, freshest peonies possible.  If you're looking for a way to add class, femininity and romance to your wedding, especially if you'd like to arrange your own bouquets, peonies wedding arrangements are in a class all their own.  Consider using these fragrant, lavish flowers for stunning bouquets and arrangements.  


  1. I recently wanted to find out a similar question for my wedding and we just called a local florist and asked them. She confirmed that my flowers were available during the winter season and we just thanked her and that was it.

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