Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wedding Photography Registries

So, you're big sister is getting married (or is it your best friend from college?), and it's time to pick out that perfect gift that will complement her new life for years to come. You want to get her something that she will truly appreciate. Something that she (I should say "they", the groom has to live with your gift too ;) ) would not necessarily buy for herself. Something special.

So you take a look at her wedding registry. There's that new salad spinner she's been wanting. The George Foreman Grill is on there ... you know she's always trying to eat more healthy. Oh, Oh, what about replacement filters for the Brita?!

Sure, these things are useful, but they just don't feel very "special", do they? You want to give her something truly unique, that you know she will cherish for the rest of her life. That's where a wedding photography registry comes in. Many photographers these days are offering wedding photo registries to their clients these days. They allow wedding guests to choose to pre-purchase for the Bride and Groom an additional print from the wedding, a "Giclee" canvas wall cluster, or anything else that the photographer offers. Beautiful products that the bride and groom wouldn't necessarily be able to purchase for themselves. Even better, wedding photo registries from allow more expensive gifts (like that Canvas wall cluster I mentioned) to be split into portions, so that several guests can pitch in on a truly spectacular gift.

Brides - make sure your photographer has a wedding photography registry, and if they don't, send them to so they can get one setup. You'll thank me every time you walk into your living room and see that beautiful art on your walls.

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