Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The HMS President: The Perfect Wedding Venue in London

London is a place full of quirky theatres, galleries and beautiful, eclectic architecture. With so many famous buildings, the city is the perfect place to get married or celebrate a civil partnership. However, although the sheer volume of choices has its advantages it also has its draw backs. The perfect wedding venue in London can be difficult to find. Venues will have very different characters, some suited to grand weddings for hundreds of people, while others are perfect for a small intimate ceremony. The question is how do you make a shortlist, let alone a final choice?

Key aspects to consider when choosing your wedding venue in London are: location, size, originality and character. How important is it for you to be in or near a specific place? How many guests will you have? What style or theme do you want for your wedding?

Obviously for most couples budget plays an important part as well, so it’s vital to find a venue that can offer you flexible options.   London is a busy, vibrant, multi-cultural city with people visiting from all over the world for all sorts of reasons. One such reason could be to attend a wedding or even to get married themselves. With so many weddings happening in so many venues every day, just how do you make your wedding stand out from the crowd?

Well, you could choose a truly unique wedding venue in London with an incredible location that is not just steeped in history but has all the modern amenities that will make your wedding amazing. How would you feel about having The City of London as the backdrop to your wedding?  If this sounds like just the kind of wedding venue you are looking for, then you really need to visit The HMS President. This amazing boat dates back to 1918 and was originally built to protect British convoys, and is one of only three British Navy Ships that survives from this time.

Long retired from such conflicts, she has traded sailors for happy party guests, and in recent years has been totally refurbished and redesigned into a venue for weddings and other events in London.

The HMS President has several truly spectacular rooms, such as The Georgian Ballroom, with its antique wood and beautiful gold fittings and The Ward Room, which was originally the officer’s mess. Many rooms have been cunningly designed to retain some of the original character of the vessel, in order to set it apart from other wedding venues in London. Of course these days HMS President is every bit as luxurious as a cruise liner.

With a license for ceremonies, as well as a dedicated team who work tirelessly with the happy couple to ensure their wedding is just as they imagined, HMS President is genuinely one of a kind as a wedding venue. A wedding aboard The HMS President will provide happy memories for the couple and their guests for many years to come.

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