Monday, January 7, 2013

How To Have Great Wedding Photos

Todays wedding photo tips are brought to you by Fort Worth wedding photographer Igor

Most brides are a little bit nervous and shy when it comes to posing in front of the camera, that’s understandable. Choosing a professional wedding photographer that knows his craft well, definitely helps, but so can some good advice from Fort Worth wedding photographer Igor. Below he is sharing some expert advice on how to relax and look your best during your bridal photo session.

1. Bring your Maid of Honor, friend or mom

This might help you relax, letting you enjoy the moment and allowing your photographer to get really great shots of you having a good time! Just make sure that they don’t try to take over the photos session.

2. Don’t always smile.

Be yourself, smile when you feel like it, relax your face and mix it up with different facial expression. Sometimes when a bride smiles heavily her eyes get squint and her cheeks get wider from her smile, so it’s usually better to try to relax your smile and face, don’t try too hard to put up a smile if it doesn’t come naturally.

3. Strike that hand-on-hip pose.

This common pose is called the three-quarter angle stance, and it will make you look sexy, slim and feminine. Extend one leg out in front, pivot, and plant the corresponding hand on your hip. "The result is a long, attractive, diagonal line that draws the viewers' eyes across the subject.

4. Show your female curves.

The female body has beautiful curves. Improve your posture and body shape by proper balance and posing. Keep most of your weight on your back foot, and “Pop and twist your hip”, pose in front of a mirror and point your pelvis towards the right while your shoulders twist to your left. This helps show your waistline while making your knees appear narrower.

5. Keep your arms away from your waistline.

When you keep your arms away from your waist, you show your waistline and appear slimmer. Try to make some space between the inside of their arms and their waist. By practicing this in front of the mirror, you can immediately see the difference between showing your true waist and accidentally adding inches to your waist.

6. Keep your fingers together

Sometimes brides have a hard time to know what to do with their hands and fingers. Relax your hands and keep your fingers together with a slightly cupped hand. This will look the best for most poses and avoids distracting “spread out fingers” or “clinging hands”.

7. Keep your chin up.

Avoid tucking the chin, or it will ruin a great photo. When brides get nervous they instinctively lower their chin to their chest while being photographed. This creates a double chin that nobody wants to have in their bridal portraits. Try to keep your chin away from your neck in a relaxed manner.

8. How to sit pretty.

Legs crossed at the ankles, and arms and shoulders drawn inwards always slim a subject down and draw more attention to the vertical emphasis. Try to sit at the edge of the seat and with a straight back.

9. Know your best side.

"We all have a better side. Knowing which one is your better facial side can make a huge difference. "Take a few test shots with your camera or phone and look at the results.

10. Most importantly, have fun during your bridal session!

Relax, have fun and don’t try too hard, a great wedding photographer will get you great bridal portraits if you listen to his posing advice.

Thanks again to IGOR Photography, for sharing these excellent wedding photo tips with us.

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