Saturday, December 29, 2012

4 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in Houston TX

One aspect that could complete a wedding experience of the couple who are about to wed is the wedding venue. Houston wedding venues are the best places that you could celebrate your special moment; it only happens almost once in a lifetime so it should be special. Here in Houston, you will never be disappointed as the place offers variety of wedding venues perfect for your expectations.

So far, here are the top 4 most stunning venues where weddings in Houston are mostly celebrated:
1. Demers Banquet Hall. If you want your event to be memorable, this place is perfect. So far, this is the most requested wedding venue due to its flexibility. The banquet hall is huge and classy; it could be arranged to whatever setting you prefer. Because of its customizable ability, this hall can also serve as a theatre if you have some presentations during your wedding reception. Guests will never be bored. They can go swimming afterwards in the pool provided by the venue.

2. Ashton Gardens. There are some couples who wanted their wedding to be private. Well, this venue is perfect for a peaceful wedding as it is situated near the forest. The chapel is made of glass so it creates drama as the bride is walking through the aisle. The place itself is also proud in presenting their highly customizable set up. You will never be disappointed with the dishes they serve; they got a talented chef over there.

3. La Tranquila Ranch. This one belongs to the list of affordable wedding venues in Houston TX.  if you want an outdoor wedding venue, this place will serve you well. This place is so perfect with the view of the lake while walking of the paved stone walkways. This place also has an indoor hall that could accommodate your guest.

4. Courtyard. If you want your wedding to be the grandest wedding like what you can see on Hollywood movies, you can choose this place. This place can provide you with a royal treatment from its service down to the very intricate interior design of its hall. Celebrating your reception in this place is like a dream come true. This place will forever be memorable to you. 

Choosing a wedding reception is indeed the most difficult job to do when you don’t know what you want. The above choices are the frontrunners of wedding venues that you could pick. Each venue may offer different types of feel so you need to determine first what kind of set up you really wanted on the day of the wedding. Choose well and the rest will be magical.

If you have a hard time to choose a wedding venue in Houston, you’ll definitely find a perfect match to your event by visiting these two helpful websites that help you find the perfect venue: and


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