Thursday, October 25, 2012

Peonies For Destination Weddings

We often get requests for peonies for destination weddings.   If your wedding is in the USA we are can ship to any location in the US and have shipped peonies flowers for destination weddings in Hawaii and Florida.  There are many great places in the USA for weddings.   I have vacationed in Key West, Florida several times and have thought it would be a great place for a destination wedding.

At this time we do not ship peonies internationally so if your destination wedding is outside of the US we recommend working with a florist or peony grower in the country where your wedding will be held.

When ordering peonies for your destination wedding be sure to let us know that your flowers are for a destination wedding and include the delivery address,cell phone number, and any other helpful information that will help the carrier find your location.   We normally use either Fedex Priority overnight delivery which is delivery by 10:30am or 12 noon to most  locations.

Bridgewater Gardens ships peonies for weddings beginning in late May through the month of June and sometimes into the first weekend of July.  For information on ordering peonies for your destination wedding please contact us.

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