Sunday, October 7, 2012

Destination Weddings in Italy

Each year we seem to get a request or two from brides who are having destination weddings outside of the USA and they want to know if we can ship peonies for their weddings.   We ship our beautiful peony flowers to locations in the US only at this time so our  advice is to work with a florist in the country of their destination wedding and hopefully if it is possible the florist can obtain peonies for them.

Having really enjoyed travelling in  Italy in the past and having a friend who is a wedding photographer in Tuscany I thought I would share his guest post below.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Wedding destinations in Tuscany: Pietrasanta

In the hills of Tuscany lays the small town of Pietrasanta. It is a located in the foot hills of the Alps on the sea side, which makes it a perfect destination for any wedding or honeymoon. It is not far from many of the sites that make Tuscany such a romantic place for couples. The Pisa Tower is not too far from the town as well as many other famous sites in the Tuscan hills. There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding or honeymoon in a small Tuscan town that has literally thousands of year worth of history and romance.

The History of This Romantic Tuscan Town

Pietrasanta has a long history from its medieval founding in 1255. It was once the sight of a town of the Roman Empire and the medieval town was built on the remains of the ancient Roman wall that was built to protect the city. In 1255 when it was founded it was a medieval town to later become part of the Republic of Genoa in the 12th century. It prospered for many years until Charles VIII of France seized control in 1494, and remained under control of the crown until it was returned to Medici family of Pope Leo X. The town then entered a period of decline in the 17th and 18th centuries until the Duke of Tuscany initiated several reconstruction projects in the early 19th century. Of the construction came many schools that were dedicated to art and carving, which some of the culture and art that came from the reconstruction can still be seen in the town today. It lived a short period of rebirth of art and opening of historic quarries until eventually becoming part of the new Italian Kingdom in 1861.

The Town Today in All Its Romantic Glory

Today, the town is a quaint Tuscan town that is perfect for wedding pictures of any bride and groom that are looking for a historic getaway with a romantic touch. You can see many of the sites that aristocrats have walked through during the centuries, and there is no shortage of photo opportunities at Romanesque churches like Cathedral of St. Martin. There is no lack of romantic photo ops in the city. The city is a sea side town and the beautiful Tuscan beaches with the Tuscan hills in the background make the perfect wedding pictures.

Finding the Perfect Photographer in this Quaint Tuscan Town

In a town so quaint and quite, it may seem that finding a modern day photographer for your wedding photos may be a bit difficult but there are many places that have great wedding photography services. One website that you can visit to see some beautiful pictures of  weddings in Pietrasanta is, a website of an Italian Wedding Photographer which has some of the most beautiful photos of weddings in this historic town as well as in other towns and cities in Tuscany and Italy.


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