Saturday, January 28, 2012

Peonies Themed Home Decorating

It is the middle of winter here in Michigan right now so there is nothing I can do outside so I have been thinking about home decorating.  Being a lover of peonies my thoughts naturally turn to decorating using a peony theme.  I came across a home decorating site callled Houzz while searching for information on remodeling and  found some fantastic peony themed home decorating inspirations.  

Houzz is a different type of website home decorating website and I don't think I have ever seen one quite like it.  They allow interior designers to submit their portfolios online.  Houzz users can then add search through the portfolios and add photos that they like to their online idea book. So you can add different inspirations from different designers to make your own unique decorating ideabook.    What a neat concept!

The photo below was submitted by Melissa Miranda Interior Design in Boston.  What I love about the photo is the clean marbled counter top surface and how fantastic the cylinder shaped vase full of pink peonies looks on it.    The cylinder vase is normally not what I would have selected for peonies.  I almost always recommend a flared vase of hour glass shaped vase.  But I do love the look of this cylinder vase crammed full of pink peonies.  You can bet I will be experimenting with cylinder shaped vases this summer!
Claremont Park modern kitchen


  1. There are zero interior design shcemes that aren't immediately perked up by a gorgeous bunch of peonies! Love this image, thanks for sharing!

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