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Peonies For June 2017 Wedding Flowers

Peonies Wedding Flowers for June 2017

The 2017 peony season will be here soon.    We are expecting a somewhat normal season this year with bloom time around June 1 or 2.  Bridgewater Gardens is located about 15 minutes southwest of Ann Arbor, MI, just west of Saline, Michigan, 1 hour west of Detroit, and 1 hour north of Toledo, OH.

In Michigan our peony flower season usually starts around June 1 with a few plants  starting to bloom during the last days in May, sometimes over Memorial Day weekend.  This seems to happen if we have especially warm weather or if we have lots of rain.  This year we are having lots of rain but not so much warm weather.    The peonies are weather dependent and when they bloom depends up on Mother Nature.

1) If you are local in Michigan and can pick up your flowers we may be able to provide flowers for your June 3 & 4 weddings.  The best thing is to check back with us or sign up for our e-mail list so you will be notified of availability when the peonies start to bloom.

2) For peonies that need to be shipped a couple of extra days is required for shipping and allowing time for the flowers to open so we are taking orders for wedding dates of June 9 through June 25.

It is very possible that we will have some peonies flowers available earlier and later than these dates but it is impossible to predict. To see our previous years peony bloom dates please see our peony page If you scroll down a few screens you will see the peony bloom dates for about the past ten years.   

If you need flowers for your Michigan wedding this June and are in driving distance of the Ann Arbor area then you are welcome to pick up your peonies and there are no shipping costs.  

Each year many of our brides do pick up their wedding peonies.  We can have them ready in 5 gallon buckets when you arrive.   For Michigan cities that are not within driving distance we can also ship Fedex overnight to Michigan locations.  Fedex charges within Michigan start at about $35 for delivery or 3 or 4 dozen flowers by 10:30am the next day to most cities within Michigan. For quantities larger than 3 or 4 dozen the cost goes up a few dollars per dozen.

For the 2017 peony season we will most likely begin shipping on June 7 or 8:
  • June 6 for June 7 arrival for June 9 events
  • June 7 for June 8 arrival for June 10 events
We expect this years season to go through the end of June but the season can go a little longer if the weather is cooler.

Please note: Our peony delivery dates are subject to change based on weather conditions and when the bloom season begins so just check with us as your wedding date approaches.

The best ways to get in touch with us to get a quote for your peonies wedding flowers is to use the contact form on our website.  Or send us e-mail at info at bridgewatergardens dot com

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  1. This is a gorgeous venue for events. I went to New York wedding venues here some time back and was impressed the second I stepped through the door. I'm hoping that I'll get to go back for other events to enjoy great company and beautiful surroundings.