Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Peony Season

Our 2012 Peony Season will be officially over next Wed. June 27 when we ship out the last of our wedding peony orders.  It was a very early season and we began cutting peonies flowers on May 20.  In the ten years that we have been tracking the peony season this definitely has to be the earliest season we have ever had.  A few years in the past we have began cutting on May 26 or May 27 but May 20 definitely takes the cake as our earliest peony season ever.  

With all of the hustle and bustle involved in (cutting, packing, shipping, local pickups and deliveries, etc.) selling peony flowers just about over we will be taking a much needed couple of weeks off.   Then when we return we will begin preparing the soil for our new peony roots that will arrive this fall and continue with our routine mulching and weeding program.  And of course we'll be admiring all of the photos that we took of our peony flowers this year.   We updated last years peony calendar but are also thinking about designing a completely new calendar with photos from our 2012 peony bloom.  So stay tuned and we'll post a link to the new calendar once it is completed.  For now we have our old peony calendar updated for 2013.
Peonies Flower Calendar 2013
Peonies Flower Calendar 2013 by bridgewaterpeonies
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    1. Thanks Ronald. I have heard about sugar but not aspirin, I'll have to try that next peony season!

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