Monday, February 13, 2012

Do You Ship Peonies Flowers Outside of the USA?

Each year we get asked this question at least a couple of times and the answer is no.  In the past we have shipped our fresh cut peonies flowers only within the USA including Alaska and Hawaii.  

A few years ago we tried to ship peonies flowers to Spain and found that the shipping companies were all confused on whether or not a phytosanitary certificat was required.  For Spain one is not required but al lof th shippers insisted that it was.  The closest place I could get on was 85 miles away so in the end we were not able to ship and decided not to persuit international orders.

Recently we have become approved to ship flowers as air cargo on Delta airlines.  We are currently checking to see what is involved for international shipments and hope to gain some international customers in Europe or other parts of the world.

Last year while doing some research on peony availability in the UK I came across this UK based flower site Serenata Flowers Online and was impressed with the varity of different types of flowers offered.  While they do not seem to sell peonies I was impressed with their site.  They also had great photos which I always like.

Another site that I really like is gardening.  I am always amazed by all of the great, free information I find on Wikipdia.

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