Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When Do Peonies Bloom Where?

Bridgewater Gardens receives requests for fresh cut peonies throughout the year. In Michigan our peonies bloom only during the month of June and sometimes in very late May. We are putting together this list of where peonies bloom throughout all the months of the year.  For more information on peony bloom dates in Michigan be sure to check out our peony page.

January - we are not aware of peonies being in bloom anywhere in the world in January, Februrary, or March.  If you know of someplace please let us know.

April - Southern USA (Arkansas)

May - Southern USA (North Carolina, Missouri) West Coast (Oregon, Washington state)

June - Northern USA (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont)

July - Northern USA (Alaska, Michigan Uppe Peninsula) Canada

August - Alaska

September - South America

October - South America (Chile)

November - Southern Hemisphere (Tasmania which is south of Australia, New Zealand)

December - Southern Hemisphere (Tasmania which is south of Australia, New Zealand)

Do you have additional information on when peonies are in season throughout f the world? If so please let me know through the comments below.

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